Hepatitis C: From Life Sentence to Cured

April 17, 2018
Hepatitis C Has a Cure

Hepatitis C Has a Cure

Hepatitis C: From Life Sentence to Cured

Hepatitis C has been cured. A new round of medications has been found to cure the disease. Before there was only a treatment for hepatitis C, now there is a hepatitis C cure. Famous celebrities who have had hep C, but who are likely cured include Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman Anthony Kiedis, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Judd, Gregg Allman, Steven Tyler, Keith Richards, and Phil Lesh.

Hepatitis Facts

Hepatitis is transferred via blood. This may be contracted via a blood transfusion, liver transplant, intravenous drug use, or intercourse. This viral infection attacks the liver and causes cirrhosis, liver cancer, and degradation of liver functions. Some people need liver transplants from their severe hepatitis infection, however, they will be put lower on the transplant list because the disease will attack their new liver as well. The healthier a patient, the more likely they are to not be rejected for a transplant.

Hepatitis C Symptoms

There are many symptoms of hep C. The symptoms of Hepatitis C include itchy skin, dark urine, weight loss, fatigue, bleeding and bruising easily, and jaundice. If you think you may have any of these symptoms please consult your primary care physician. They will likely have you complete a blood test. It is important to be honest with your doctor so they can give you the best possible care. Be honest about medical history, and if you use intravenous drugs, or participate in intercourse with many partners.

Medical Cure for Hepatitis C

This year there have been many articles proclaiming the revolutionary powers of a new batch of hepatitis C drugs. When used together, Sovaldi, ribavirin, and interferon shots cured people of long-lasting hepatitis C infections. Other medications include Daklinza, Zepatier, Mavyret, Harvoni, and Technivie.

The current problem with this medication is that it is relatively expensive. Usually, drug prices come down after a certain amount of time. Currently, the cost of hep C treatment can be over $90,000.00. However, there is no price that can be put on the cost of someone’s life.

Final Thoughts

Are you someone who has been cured of hepatitis C? Comment below!

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