Hemochron Response vs Medtronic ACT Plus

January 15, 2018
Monday Matchup Coagulation Analyzers

What is a Coagulation Analyzer?

Coagulation analyzers are used to test the body for potentially heart-attack inducing blood clots through analysis of the blood. The body naturally has a defense mechanism to wounds by clotting the blood. Sometimes, these clots form and then cause significant damage such as stroke, heart attack, or DVT. Clots form from long strands of fibrin attaching to groups of platelets that survive to make a large clot. A heart attack happens when a waxy substance builds up inside the coronary walls. This then causes the blood to stop flowing, and oxygen to stop reaching the heart. Read more about blood clots here.

Heart Attacks

In the rare chance that you see someone having a heart attack, dial 9-1-1 immediately. If there is a defibrillator around, please check out our article on what to do and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator. If you are looking to purchase defibrillators, please check out our large defibrillator inventory.

Why Use a Coagulation Analyzer?

Coagulation analyzers are used in a variety of settings. They are most often found in hospitals and vascular centers. Coagulation analyzers are typically used as a routine test, but can also be used before surgery to scan the body for blood clots or clotting factors. These analyzers test for platelets levels and can both store up to 600 results from different patients.

Types of Coagulation Analyzers

Hemochron Response - Coagulation Analyzer - Soma Tech Intl

Hemochron Response

The Hemochron Response coagulation analyzer monitors blood coagulation at the point-of-care. This screen makes reading data easy. Results are displayed as whole blood, plasma equivalent of INR for PT assay only. It allows the supervisor to create and lock OID tables, store up to 9 used notes, and attack 2 user notes per record. The Hemochron Response uses barcoded tubes, an internal printer, and test menu.


Medtronic ACT Plus - Soma Tech Intl

Medtronic ACT Plus

The Medtronic ACT Plus coagulation analyzer features data management and connectivity-ready capabilities. This analyzer also uses a microprocessor-controlled electromechanical coagulation instrument to determine coagulation endpoints in blood samples. Clotting-time results are displayed on the LCD screen. The ACT Plus provides long-term data storage with access to patient retrieval. Tests are stored based upon when they were ordered. These coagulation analyzers are used in cardiovascular and vascular surgery settings, ECMO, cardiac catheterization laboratories, critical care units, and hemodialysis units.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to have this machine used on you? Have you used either of these machines before? Comment below to tell us about some features you enjoy, or features you would change.


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