Philips Avalon FM50 vs GE Corometrics 170

April 16, 2018
Philips Avalon FM50 Compared to the GE Corometrics 170 - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Avalon FM50 Compared to the GE Corometrics 170 - Fetal Monitors - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Avalon FM50 compared to the GE Corometrics 170

Fetal Monitors Compared

The Philips Avalon FM50 and the GE Corometrics 170 series fetal/maternal monitors both are used to monitor the fetus’s throughout labor and delivery. The Avalon FM50 allows you to monitor up to three fetal heart rates externally, while the Corometrics 173 and 174 only allow up to two. The Corometrics 171 and 172 models only allow a single ultrasound channel. Both fetal monitors have the option to measure maternal uterine activity externally using TOCO or internally using IUP. While all Corometrics 170 series fetal monitors feature external maternal uterine monitoring, only the 173 and 174 models can monitor internally via an intrauterine pressure catheter and strain gauge.

Intrauterine pressure is measured using a transcervical catheter by plotting pressure trends. The Philips Avalon FM50 can measure pressure between -100 to 300 mmHg, while the GE Corometrics can only measure a pressure from 0 to 100 mmHg.

Both fetal monitors feature easy to read displays, but the Corometrcs 170 series of fetal monitors have push-button operations compared to the touchscreen on the Avalon FM50.

The Philips Avalon FM50 is a little bit bigger than the GE Corometrics 170 series units. The Avalon FM50 is 16.5″ wide, 6.8″ high, has a depth of 14.6″ and weighs about 20 pounds. The GE Corometrics 170 series is 16.75″ wide, 5.75″ high, has a depth of 10″ and weighs about 8 pounds.

These fetal monitors use Pulsed Doppler ultrasound transducers to detect uterine movement and heart rate. The 170 Series can detect heart rates from 30 to 240 beats per minute while the Avalon FM50 can only detect between 50 and 240 beats per minute.

Philips Avalon FM50

The Philips Avalon FM50 displays measurements on a 6.5″ inch color display as numerics. Measurements are recorded and can be printed out via the 6″ onboard recorder. This fetal monitor is compatible with the Avalon CTS Cordless Fetal Transducer System. Only one cordless transducer can be connected at a time, and have priority over the wired transducers.

  • Automated coincidence detection with Smart Pulse.
  • The optional external touch display allows very flexible and ergonomic installations.
  • The Avalon FM series monitors can monitor triplets on a single monitor.
  • Crisp and clear intuitive color touchscreen with large numerics and graphics.
  • Remote display option, including touchscreen capability, for added convenience and safety.
  • Backup memory for seamless monitoring.
  • LAN interface for compatibility with hospital IT networks and access to additional system capabilities.
  • Smart transducers with auto-recognition simplify operation.
  • Transducer plug and play with automatic screen layout to focus on the patient, not the system.
  • Data buffer with multi-patient handling for random printout.
  • Cross-channel verification of maternal and fetal heart rates.

GE Corometrics 170 Series

The GE Corometrics 170 series of fetal monitors are compact and lightweight compared to the FM50. This fetal monitor helps accurately and noninvasively track a fetus’s heart rate for non-stress tests.

  • Alerts you to fetal heart rate concerns – The fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is higher or lower than the range you set as normal.
  • Helps you place the transducer – Independent volume controls make it easier to locate the transducer for most effective monitoring.
  • Can monitor multiple heart rates – There is an option to monitor twins.
  • Displays important information prominently – The large, easy-to-read LCD display clearly presents information about fetal heart rate and uterine activity.
  • Offers portability – An optional mobile roll stand cart lets you transport the monitor and all of its necessary accessories.

Refurbished Fetal Monitors

Soma Technology, Inc. offers the Philips Avalon FM50 and the GE Corometrics 170 series of fetal monitors at up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as the manufacturer. When these fetal monitors come into our facility, they are inspected, tested, and if necessary, parts are replaced. Our special team of in-house biomedical engineers make sure that these units are brought back to their original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Next, they undergo a special cosmetic restoration process where the units are cleaned, sanded, repainted, and decals are replaced. Once the monitors look they way they did before they left the original manufacturer, they get inspected, tested, and undergo a final QC test to ensure they are patient ready before being packaged up for shipment.

If you have any questions about these or any of our other fetal monitors, call 1-800-GET-SOMA or send an email to [email protected] to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

Final Thoughts

Have you used the Philips Avalon FM50? Have you used the GE Corometrics 170 series of fetal monitors? Which do you like better? Leave a comment down below!

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