SonoSite M-Turbo VS SonoScape X5

April 9, 2018
SonoSite M Turbo VS Sonoscape X5

SonoSite M Turbo VS Sonoscape X5

Monday Matchup: SonoSite M-Turbo VS SonoScape X5

Both the Sonosite M Turbo and the SonoScape X5 are reliable and well-made ultrasound machines. Ultrasounds work by emitting ultrasonic waves through soft tissue and forms an image in black and white. the pieces of tissue in white signify that there is hardened tissue, cysts, or some other malformation of tissue.

Ultrasounds are commonly used by gynecologists, urologists, and ultrasound techs. A probe is attached to the machine and placed on the skin with an ultrasound gel liquid that helps give a strong connection between the skin and probe.

Both of the ultrasounds are lightweight and can be hooked up on to a cart as an option. They collapse almost as a laptop style. The sleek handles allow the ultrasounds to be portable between medical facilities, and patient rooms. These units are commonly found in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.

Sonosite M-Turbo Portable Ultrasound Machine

The Sonosite M-Turbo portable ultrasound machine is easy to use, with broadband, multi-frequency imaging. There is a 2D tissue and harmonic imaging M-mode. This machine uses velocity color and color power Doppler to develop the images. The image is processed through SonoADAPT, SonoHD, SonoMB, advanced needle visualization, auto gain automatic image optimization, dual imaging, and duplex imaging.

This machine comes with a black and white video printer, DVD recorder, and barcode reader. Weighing in at only 6.7 pounds, with an 11.9-inch screen, and 10.4-inch display. The M-Turbo is HIPAA compliant.

SonoScape X5 Portable Ultrasound

The SonoScape X5 portable ultrasound machine is easy to use, with advanced technology. The high definition monitor gives an accurate diagnosis using multi-beam, spatial compounds, and pulse inversion harmonic imaging.

The SonoScape has a 16.5-inch wide range folding angle and wide viewing angle high definition monitor. An extended connector connects to three probes with a fast startup time. Built-in battery support with three continuous hours of scanning. An integrated trolley comes with a height adjustment, and wifi and Bluetooth wireless connections are available.

Final Thoughts

Have you used either of these ultrasounds before? Is there one you prefer over another? Comment below!

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