Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table – Jackson Table

November 17, 2023
Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table – Jackson Table

Spinal Surgery, Orthopedic Trauma, and Radiolucent Imaging

Surgical tables are invaluable to surgeons for both patient comfort and patient safety. A stable, workable surgical table is necessary for surgeons to be able to comfortably perform surgery.

The Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your medical procedures. This innovative system incorporates a dual-column modular platform renowned for its adaptability in patient positioning, specifically tailored for spine, imaging, and orthopedic trauma procedures. The Trios has a distinctive tabletop mounting interface, ensuring secure fixation, complemented by convenient single-push electronic floor locks and a seamlessly integrated 180° patient rotation mechanism.

With a user-friendly setup and intuitive operation, the Trios surgical table is engineered to streamline your workflow, reducing the likelihood of human error. Discover the convenience and precision offered by the Trios system, available for individual purchase or as part of a comprehensive system.

Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table Features:

  • 650 lb. weight capacity
  • Powered floor locks
  • Carbon fiber frame provides complete radiolucency
  • Unrestricted C-arm and O-arm access
  • Open frame reduces vena cava compression, minimizes epidural venous bleeding, and improves visualization at the surgical site
  • Customizable pad and component placement to meet individual patient needs
  • Adjustment of the table top’s position relative to the crossbar is readily achieved using the tower’s unique ratchet mechanism
  • Advanced Control Pad System (ACP) stimulates hip/ thigh pressure points during surgery with a prone patient
  • Facilitates safe and efficient rotations from supine to prone through 180-degree rotation

Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table Tops

The Trios surgical Jackson table offers a versatile selection of three distinct tabletops, each designed to seamlessly integrate with the base. These different tops are specifically designed to assist in patient positioning for a variety of different surgical procedures.

Trios Spinal Surgery Top #7943

The open spine frame diminishes vena cava compression, reduces epidural venous bleeding, and enhances visibility at the surgical site.

Position Capabilities



Trios Radiolucent Imaging Top #7927

Facilitates supine or lateral positions, featuring a fully radiolucent table top made of carbon fiber with a Tempur-Pedic pressure equalization pad.

Position Capabilities

LATERAL         SUPINE         

Trios Orthopedic Trauma Top #7855

Contemporary tabletop incorporating Traction Arc attachment characteristics, offering consistent and anatomically precise traction for diverse trauma procedures. It ensures security and flexibility, providing multiple component options for both skin and skeletal traction, with improved radiolucency by design.

Position Capabilities


Types of Procedures and Surgeries Supported

Spine & Imaging Surgical Tops

The specialized spine and imaging table top is designed to provide crucial support for a range of surgeries, including laminectomies, decompressions, osteotomies, anterior/posterior fusions, and surgical correction of deformities. Its adaptability extends to anterior/posterior cervical procedures, kyphoplasties, vertebroplasties, and IDET surgeries. Beyond spinal interventions, the table top is versatile enough to accommodate vascular surgery, joint imaging, and pain management procedures, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable platform for various medical interventions.

Orthopedic Trauma & Traction Arc

The orthopedic trauma table top is specifically crafted to facilitate a range of orthopedic procedures with precision and stability. It proves instrumental in surgeries such as hip pinning, supine intramedullary (IM) femoral nailing, lateral IM femoral nailing, IM tibial nailing, and Ender pinning. Its versatility and design make it an ideal choice for orthopedic trauma cases, ensuring optimal support and maneuverability during these procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of table is used for back surgery?

Back surgeries typically utilize operating tables or surgical tables that accommodate prone patient positioning. The Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table, equipped with a spinal top, is employed for various common spinal procedures such as laminectomies, decompressions, osteotomies, anterior/posterior fusions, surgical correction of deformities, anterior/posterior cervical procedures, kyphoplasties, vertebroplasties, and IDET surgeries.

What is a Jackson Table?

In 1992, Mizuho OSI introduced the Original Spinal Table System (STS), initially known as the Jackson Spinal Table, marking the pioneering use of radiolucent carbon fiber composite materials. Over time, the term “Jackson table” has evolved into a generic designation for specific surgical tables tailored for spinal procedures, becoming a widely accepted colloquial term.

Mizuho OSI, a prominent surgical table manufacturer, produces the “Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table.” This table is often referred to as a “Jackson table” due to its design and functionality, which closely align with the characteristics commonly associated with Jackson tables.

What is the patient weight capacity?

Understanding the patient weight capacity for surgery tables is crucial for ensuring safe and effective medical procedures. The spine and imaging table top boasts an impressive weight capacity of 650 pounds, providing robust support for a variety of surgeries. Similarly, the orthopedic trauma table is designed with a substantial weight limit of 500 pounds, offering a reliable platform for orthopedic procedures while prioritizing patient safety and comfort.

What is a Wilson Frame?

Wilson frames are mounted to general surgical tables to provide a convenient and stable method of keeping patients in a flexed position for laminectomy, decompression, disc surgery, and microdiscectomy procedures. Wilson frames can also be mounted to Jackson tables.

Final Thoughts:

In the realm of surgical tables, the Mizuho OSI Trios Surgical Table – Jackson Table stands out for its innovative design and multifunctional capabilities. With three distinct tabletops meticulously engineered to accommodate various surgical procedures, the Trios system prioritizes versatility and adaptability. While exploring the vast array of surgical tables available, it’s crucial to consider your unique preferences and the specific demands of your medical procedures. Have you had experience with the Mizuho Trios Surgical Table or other alternatives? Share your insights below! Whether you’ve utilized the Jackson table, prefer a specific tabletop, or have suggestions for enhancements, your comments contribute to the ongoing discourse on optimizing surgical equipment for the best patient outcomes.

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