Baxter Sigma Spectrum - Infusion Pump - Soma Technology, Inc.

Baxter Sigma Spectrum - Infusion Pump - Soma Technology, Inc.

Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump and Infusion System

We are well underway through this year’s flu season. Hospitals are noticing that this is one of their busiest times during the year with an increase in patient census. Soma Technology has many flu season items stocked and ready for purchase, or renting. The Baxter Sigma Spectrum infusion pump is a great choice, and one in which we see a growing demand for in hospitals and clinics.

Baxter Sigma Spectrum Features

The Sigma Spectrum has many technological features. The most crucial feature is that Baxter has kept in mind the safety of the patient. There are clinical parameters the clinician can set such as flow, volume, dosage, and time alerts. This machine has an entire drug library that is convenient and wirelessly updated. There are multiple prevention systems in place. These include configurable dose error reduction software, single step titration limit, check flow, and secondary container infusion check. There is also comprehensive log software to create CQI reports for rapid, and intuitive work flow.

Sigma Spectrum Specifications

With a standard battery, the weight of the infusion pump is about 2 pounds. This is a relatively lightweight machine. It can be mounted to a pole for easy transportation between patient rooms.

Requesting a Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump

Click here to find the sales representative that serves your region. Each sales rep can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or by their direct line. They can also be emailed at [email protected]. Call today, or email for a quote within 24 business hours!

Infusion Pump Rentals

We have many infusion pump rentals. Renting can be considered a great financial option while budgets are either being decided, or a way to stretch equipment usage through without occupying the floor space when not needed. Click to browse out entire selection of rentals. The benefits of renting include ensuring equipment availability for immediate needs, easily upgrading to newer models to test them out, no service maintenance is required, and this ensures the most efficient management of resources.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used this infusion pump before? Are there features on it that you enjoy using or some that you would change? Is there a brand that you trust the most? Does your healthcare facility see an uptick in the amount of people that are seen during flu season? Comment below!

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