Covidien Valleylab Force FX VS Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical System

March 17, 2022
Covidien Valleylab Force FX VS Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit


  1. General Comparison Between Valleylab Force FX And Conmed System 5000
  2. Introduction To The Covidien Valleylab Force FX
  3. Features Of The Valleylab Force FX
  4. Introduction To The Conmed System 5000
  5. Features Of The Conmed System 5000
  6. Refurbished Electrosurgical Units
  7. Parts & Accessories Available For ESU Units
  8. Final Thought

Electrosurgical units (ESU) are ubiquitous in today’s healthcare field. They are found in almost every type of medical facility, from office-based dermatology practices to full-featured operating rooms. While most ESU models such as the Covidien Force FX and Conmed System 5000 rely on the same technology to operate, they are available in a wide range of configurations to suit the needs of each application. While electrosurgical units are used in most of today’s surgical interventions, the units themselves vary widely. The most defining characteristic of an ESU is its output power amongst other things. Are you interested to read more? Continue reading further as we highlight the comparisons between both Valleylab Force FX and Conmed 5000.


SpecificationsCovidien Valleylab Force FXConmed System 5000
Dimensions (HxWxD)4 3/8 x 14 x 18” in. (11.1 x 45.7 x 35.6 cm) 5.5 x 13.5 x 21.5” in. (9.75 x 35 x 54.6 cm)
Weight18 lbs (8.2 kg) 21.5 lbs (9.75 kg)
DisplayEight digital seven-segment display: 0.75 in. (1.9 cm) each Automatic Return Monitor (ARM)
  • Covidien cart
  • CUSA EXcel Systemf
  • CUSA. System 200 (using CUSA System 200 optional mounting brackets)
  • Force GSU unit
  • Argomn Gas Delivery Unit II
  • Any stable flat surface
  • Conmed System 5000 mobile pedestal
  • Any stable flat surface
  • Bipolar Modes: precise (low), standard (medium), macro (macrobipolar)
  • Monopolar Cut Mode: low, pure, blend
  • Monopolar Coag Mode: desiccate (low), fulgurate (medium), spray (high)
  • General Mode
  • Lap Mode
  • Fluids Mode
  • Pulse Coag
  • Pulse Cut Mode
  • Micro Bipolar Mode
  • Macro Bipolar Mode
Frequency50 – 60 Hz (low frequency leakage current) 50 – 60 Hz
Alarm Tone
  • Volume (not adjustable): ≥ 65 dB
  • Frequency: 660 Hz
  • Duration: 250 - 500 ms
2 Tones
Return Electrode Monitor (REM)
  • Measurement Frequency: 80 kHz
  • Measurement Current: < 10 µA
  • REM resistance measurement are ± 10% during RF activation and ± 5% when RF output is not activated
Operating Temperature 50 — 104°F (10 — 40°C) 50 – 86°F (10 – 30°C)
Transport and Storage -40 – 158°F (-40 – 70°C) -40 – 158°F (-40 – 70°C)
Cooling SystemYes
Battery Type 3 V Lithium button cell
Battery Life 5 years
Power 100 – 120 V , 220 –240 V 90 – 127 V , 198 – 253 V


The Covidien Valleylab Force FX is an isolated output electrosurgical generator that provides the power for cutting, desiccating, and fulgurating tissue during surgery. This electrosurgical unit is used for bipolar and monopolar electrosurgical procedures. You can use a handset or footswitch controls to activate the generator. Receptacles are marked to ensure the correct connection of accessories. Additionally, indicators alert you when the generator is activated. The Covidien Force FX allows you to adjust the activation tone volume and reset the mode and power settings used previously. An RF activation port, RS-232 serial port, and expansion port are also included. Furthermore, the Force FX can be used in conjunction with the Valleylab Force ESU System and the Valleylab Electroshield Monitor.


Some key features of the Force FX electrosurgical unit include:

  • Instant Response technology ensures that the power delivered remains virtually constant, regardless of the tissue type
  • Blended Cut Modes: Provide flexibility through varying degrees of hemostasis
  • Simultaneous Independent Coagulation: Permits two surgeons to fulgurate from a single generator, for added convenience and efficacy
  • Low Voltage Coagulation: Ensures controlled, precise desiccation with less destruction of peripheral tissue
  • Improved performance at lower power settings minimizes the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation
  • Three internal micro-controllers reduce system reaction time and increase the system’s processing speed
  • Exclusive electrosurgical generator for the Computer Motion Hermes Voice Command System
  • Ideal for laparoscopic procedures


The System 5000 electrosurgical unit is the gold standard on consistent energy delivery. The System 5000 allows you to perform a myriad of procedures with just one machine. The 5000 offers multiple modes for the full range of electrosurgical capabilities. Unique modes on the Conmed 5000 include the Fluid Mode which provides an additional boost of energy in procedures taking place in a fluid environment. Furthermore, the Laparoscopic Mode limits open-circuit voltage to below 2,700 volts in all modes which reduces the potential risk of inadvertent burns. The Dynamic Response Technology used in the System 5000 is unique to Conmed products. It delivers optimal clinical effects in operational modes through the continuous synchronization of current and voltage. Additionally, the Advanced Digital Signal Processing architecture enables the system to sample current and voltage at over 450,000 times per second, adjusting the output accordingly to deliver consistent tissue effect.


Unique features that the Conmed 5000 can offer include:

  • Custom energy activation cable allows for seamless activation with the da Vinci S and Si surgical robotic systems
  • Automatic Return Monitor includes three advanced specialty modes and nine programmable accessory portals
  • Remote power control with the standard electrosurgical pencil
  • General Mode: Provides full power performance for open surgical procedures
  • Laparoscopic Mode: Provides optimal safety by limiting output voltages below 2,700 volts through microprocessor-controlled circuitry
  • Pulse Cut Mode: Offers precise energy bursts for critical dissections
  • Pulse Coag Mode: Offers pulsing bursts of coagulation energy for better control of hemostasis at the operative site, resulting in visibly less tissue carbonization than standard coagulation
  • Multiple Bipolar Mode: Micro bipolar for fine and precise coagulation and macro bipolar for more energy-intensive bipolar applications


Purchasing a refurbished electrosurgical unit can save your facility valuable budget dollars, but the reduced cost isn’t the only benefit. Aside from the immediate purchasing cost, the extra funds saved can help your facility down the road by creating more room in your budget. Opting for a professionally refurbished Covidien ESU or the Conmed ESU can also help to decrease training time for your staff due to its intuitive user-friendly interface.   Soma Tech Intl offers both the Valleylab Force FX and Conmed System 5000 ESU units up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new ones. SOMA supplies capital medical equipment from top manufacturers. Furthermore, if you would like to request either of the two featured electrical units, you can contact us at 1-800-GET-SOMA or email us at [email protected]. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives can assist you with any further inquiries you may have.


Soma Tech Intl Warehouse

Does your electrosurgical unit need certain part replacements? Here at Soma Tech Intl, we carry a wide variety of parts and accessories for all medical units that we have within our large inventory. Our complete listing of medical parts can be found on our Soma Medical Parts page. If you are not certain of the exact parts you need, give us a call at 1-800-578-1033 to speak with our Medical Parts Department.


The process of finding a reliable, properly refurbished ESU can sometimes require more research and planning. If you think the Valleylab Force FX or System 5000 might be right for your facility, don’t hesitate to contact us. Was this article helpful in making a decision for selecting an ESU unit? Is there any other information that you wish to know more about? Have you ever worked with either unit before? Please feel free to leave us your comment below!

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