Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor

May 27, 2020
Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor - Soma Tech Intl

Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor

What is the Passport 2?

The Datascope Passport 2 is a flexible and reliable compact multiparameter patient monitor.  The Passport 2 is not only one of the most popular patient monitor models ever manufactured but is also very intuitive to use.  To this day, it remains one of the most popular monitors that Soma Tech sells.

Where Can It Be Used?

Originally designed to be used in almost any kind of facility, today the Passport 2 is primarily found in outpatient settings.  As an example, in surgery or endoscopy centers the Passport 2 can fill all of the facility’s patient monitoring needs:  it can be used at the patient’s bedside in the pre-op or post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), in procedure rooms, as well as in the operating room (OR) mounted to an anesthesia machine.  Of extra benefit, its affordability means that a facility can easily standardize its patient care, training, and supply needs by implementing these monitors in all patient care areas.  Doing so reduces the likelihood that care-based errors are made, as staff will only need to learn to operate one model of monitor, and simplifies the ordering process for disposable accessories (ECG cables, NIBP cuffs, printer paper, etc.) for materials or purchasing departments.

What Options Are Available?

The Passport 2 features a 10.4” color display and the standard configuration measures the following parameters:

  • 3/5 lead ECG
  • Respiration
  • Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)
  • Pulse oximetry (SpO2, Masimo or Nellcor)
  • Temperature

Available options include:

  • Microstream end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2)
  • Dual invasive pressures (IBP)
  • Printer/Recorder
  • Comm-port networking module
  • 5-agent anesthesia gas analysis (including O2, CO2, and N2O) with the addition of the Gas Module SE or Gas Module 2

What Does the Refurbishment Process Look Like?

Once a customer places an order with Soma Tech for a Datascope Passport 2, a member of their warehouse inventory team looks through the existing inventory to find the ordered number of units with the required specifications.  Those units are then brought to the biomedical engineer assigned to this particular order.  The first thing the engineer will do is conduct a visual check of each unit to make sure they do not have any obvious physical flaws such as large cracks in the case or scratches to the display; if any such problems are discovered, that particular unit is returned to the warehouse, marked for the future as a unit suitable only to be scavenged for parts and replaced with a more suitable example.   Each unit is then powered on and the accuracy of each parameter is checked with Datascope’s original manufacturing specifications.  If any components do not pass this check, then the monitor is disassembled to visually and electrically inspect the electronics responsible for that particular parameter.  Once, after thorough testing, the fault is identified, the malfunctioning parts are replaced and the parameter in question is double-checked, to ensure that it is now functioning as it should.  This process is repeated until all issues are resolved and the monitor is performing as well as it would have the day it was originally manufactured.

Once the internal, technical refurbishing is complete, the monitors then move along to the cosmetics department.  In cosmetics, the monitors will be cleaned thoroughly:  all old stickers will be removed and any built-up dirt and grime will be scrubbed away.  The cosmetics team will also repair any chips or scratches and, if necessary, the monitors will receive a fresh coat of paint.

Next, now that the monitors are clean, they are returned to the original biomedical engineer for a final functional check to ensure that the unit is still functioning to the required specifications.  Finally, the monitors will be transferred to the shipping department where they will be securely wrapped and packaged to ensure that they safely arrive at the facility so that they can be immediately put into service.

Datascope Passport 2 FAQ

Are Datascope Passport 2 monitors covered by a warranty?

Yes, Soma Tech offers a standard one-year parts and labor warranty on the Passport 2.


How long will the Passport 2 be supported for?

While Datascope, which was bought by Mindray, no longer directly supports the Passport 2, Soma Tech has the expertise and access to enough parts to continuously support these monitors for at least five to seven years after purchase.


Are rolling stands or wall mounts available?

Yes, Soma can provide either rolling stands or wall mounts, along with the necessary mounting plates, for these monitors.


How does this monitor stand out from other models?

The Passport 2 has strengths in several areas.  Perhaps most importantly, it is a very capable and reliable, yet cost-effective monitor.  It’s also very flexible:  thanks to the range of parameters that it can measure, it can be used in any outpatient patient area.  As an example, a surgery center could use the basic configuration (ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temp) in their pre and post-op patient bays, add CO2 to the monitor in their procedure room, and add the gas module to use the Passport 2 as an anesthesia monitor in the operating room.  Last but certainly not least, this model has been consistently popular from the time it was originally released to the present day.  This means that only many healthcare workers already be familiar with the monitor, which means less training will be necessary for staff to feel comfortable using it, but also parts and services are widely available so, should any issues arise, they can likely be dealt with quickly and affordably.


Does Soma Tech repair broken Passport 2 monitors?

Yes!  Even if you didn’t originally buy the monitor from Soma Tech, they would still be able to inspect and repair any Passport 2 patient monitor.  If you need a repair, just call their service team at 860-578-1056 or 860-578-1057 or email [email protected] and our service coordinators will be happy to assess your monitor and give you all the details on their repair process.


If I place an order for a Datascope Passport 2, how long will it take for me to receive it?

The standard processing time for a Passport 2 order is roughly 2 business weeks.  Because Soma Tech has more than 150 of these monitors in stock, in various configurations, they will be able to quickly get to work and begin refurbishing your unit(s).  All of these monitors will ship from our Connecticut headquarters, so shipping times will vary from one day to one week, depending on where your facility is located.

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