Examining the Physio-Control Lifepak Defibrillator Line

September 24, 2019
Physio Control Lifepak Line

Examining the Physio-Control Lifepak Defibrillator Line

The Physio-Control Lifepak line is one of the most comprehensive lines of defibrillators that are confidently used by Paramedics, nurses, and physicians. Each of these defibrillators is portable so that it can be transported to wherever the patient who is in cardiac arrest is situated. Physio-Control is a trusted brand and one that Soma Technology refurbishes back to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Continue reading to learn more about how defibrillators work, and on the comprehensive list of available defibrillators.

How Do Defibrillators Work?

Defibrillators are used on people who are experiencing cardiac arrest, correct arrhythmias, an uneven heartbeat, or that is too fast or too slow. Defibrillators restore a normal heartbeat by sending an electronic pulse or shock to the heart. If someone is experiencing cardiac arrest, this means that they have an unexpected loss of heart function, beating, and consciousness. The first course of action following cardiac arrest is to perform CPR. If the cardiac patient has been having CPR performed on them, but there is no success, then a defibrillator will be used. A defibrillator is a portable device powered by a battery that when the paddles are charged, produces little electric shocks that are supposed to mimic a heart beating. These signals should theoretically shock the heart into working again. Once the person’s heart is working, emergency medical technicians should either have already arrived or take this person to the hospital for a medical evaluation. It is important to note that all metal should be removed from a person’s body, and sometimes if there is metal, it will generate more electricity and be incredibly dangerous.

Physio Control Lifepak 9 Defibrillator by Soma Tech intl

Lifepak 9

The Lifepak 9 is the oldest defibrillator in the Physio-Control Series and also makes it not as technically advanced as the 20e. This defibrillator has an ECG and recorder designed with user integrity in mind. The microprocessor-based Lifepak 9 has an internal battery supply with optional pediatric paddles, internal paddles, pacing cables, ECG cables and leads, and disposable defibrillation ECG electrodes. This unit is portable so that it can go to wherever the cardiac patient is located.

Medtronic Physio-Control Lifepak 12 - Biphasic Defibrillator and Monitor - Soma Tech Intl

Physio-Control Lifepak 12

The Lifepak 12 is next in the line of Physio-Control defibrillators. As you can tell with the more current design, this model is much newer than the Lifepak 9. This defibrillator uses a patented shock advisory system that uses software and an algorithm to analyze a patient’s electrocardiographic rhythm. This algorithm will determine whether the user can shock the patient or wait. The Lifepak 12 offers biphasic defibrillation waveforms, semi-automatic defibrillation, a noninvasive pacemaker, a pulse oximeter, and an interpretive 12-lead ECG. Other features include a noninvasive blood pressure monitor, end-tidal CO2 monitor, invasive pressure monitor, fax transmission, vital signs, and ST monitoring, as well as Lifepak 12 paddles and accessories upon request. This unit, as with all of the ones that are listed in the Physio-Control Lifepak series all have a handle and are portable to be able to be transported right next to wherever the cardiac patient is located and in need of defibrillation.

Medtronic Physio-Control Lifepak 15 Defibrillator - Soma Tech Intl

Physio-Control Lifepak 15

The Physio-Control Lifepak 15 is FDA-approved and next in the line of defibrillators. This defibrillator also has 12 leads and can continually capture waveforms. The user can transmit, trend, or have the record displayed in a post-event review. Features on the Lifepak 15 include an 8.4″ liquid color display screen, biphasic technology manual, AED external defibrillation, CPR metronome, noninvasive pacing, and a lithium-ion battery. Like all defibrillators, there is a handle making this machine easy to transport and weighing in at about 19 pounds.


Physio Control Lifepak 20e Defibrillator - Soma Tech intl

Physio-Control Lifepak 20

The Lifepak 20 is one of the newer defibrillators in the Physio-Control line. This unit is only available with the biphasic defibrillation waveform. The Lifepak 20 has optional features of semiautomatic defibrillation, a noninvasive pacemaker, a pulse oximeter, and paddle accessories. This unit is much smaller at a little over 12 pounds. this screen is about 4.53 inches. The monitor can use either 3 or 5-wire ECG cables.


Physio Control Lifepak 20e Defibrillator - Soma Tech intl

Physio-Control Lifepak 20e

The Lifepak 20e weighs just as much as the Lifepak 20. This is a highly intuitive monitor that is used by first responders and can combine automatic defibrillation and deliver advanced therapeutic care. This unit can convert easily into manual mode, is compact and lightweight for easy carrying and use, and is easy to maintain and service. The battery will last up to 4 hours and will sound alarms for different parameters. 3 or 5 wire ECG cables can be used and there are different lead selections. This device is capable of transferring patient data records by IrDA. The report can be acknowledged in short or medium code summary.

Requesting a Lifepak Defibrillator

So now you potentially are thinking about buying a defibrillator, but you still aren’t sure which one you think would fit your medical situation best? Do not worry. We have an experienced team of sales managers that can help you choose the best piece of equipment. They specialize in outfitting ambulances, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and even physician’s offices with equipment. Do not forget that we have many other different pieces of equipment including but not limited to C-arms, ventilators, anesthesia machines, patient monitors, bladder scanners, ultrasounds, and many more. To contact a representative you can click here to find the manager who serves your area, you can call 1-800-GET-SOMA, or you can email [email protected].

Renting a Physio-Control Lifepak Defibrillator

Maybe you are thinking that you would need a defibrillator in case of an emergency, but your medical facility would rather rent. There are many reasons to rent including to avoid maintenance costs on equipment, ensure equipment availability for an increasing patient census, ability to try newer equipment, and this piece of equipment would always be in service because of the rental contract. Soma Technology has many rentals for defibrillators and even rent-to-own options. Check out all of our defibrillator rentals!

Defibrillator Spare Parts

At Soma Technology we pride ourselves on having spare parts for the equipment that we sell. We have our own Parts Department that stocks spare parts for the multitude of equipment that we keep in stock at our ISO 13485 facility and warehouses. we stock many defibrillator spare parts including temperature probes, SpO2 sensors, data cards, quick combo pads, electrodes, keypads, paddles, and more. You can order any part on the website, or you can email [email protected], or call 1-860-578-1033.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Physio-Control Lifepak before? Are you more familiar with another brand? Overall, would you say that you trust the Physio-Control brand? Is there another type of defibrillator that you have used in the past? Have you ever had to defibrillate someone? What does it feel like? Have you ever been defibrillated yourself? Is there another topic that you think we need to cover in a blog or product post? Comment below!

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