Integra CUSA EXcel+

June 7, 2017
Integra CUSA EXcel+

Integra CUSA EXcel+

The CUSA EXcel+ system builds upon the market-leading features of the CUSA EXcel System with the addition of several performance enhancing elements. The CUSA EXcel+ system supports a broad selection of handpieces and surgical tips, allowing the surgeon to select the most appropriate combination based on the surgical procedure.

The user-friendly console, color coded tubing, and tubing paths enable easy system set-up. The CUSA EXcel+ system offers a simple user interface, the widest variety of handpieces and tip combinations, and advanced features that make it the most powerful ultrasonic tissue ablation system available.


  • Compact, easy to maneuver unit takes up minimal OR space


  • Simplified handpiece and manifold tubing connections.
  • Easy, step-by-step console setup cards with color-coded function buttons.
  • Steam sterilization reduces turnaround time and is in compliance with industry standards.


  • Pumps run at lower values to reduce noise in the OR.
  • Enters a quiet “resting” state when not in use.

Integra CUSA EXcel+ Specifications


  • Height: 132cm
  • Width: 55.8cm
  • Depth: 71.12cm
  • Weight: 95.3kg


  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Power 110-120 VA


  • Water Unmineralized water for cooling system
  • Vacuum On board pump

Cooling System

  • The device is equipped with a closed water cooling system


  • Functioning temperature 10 to 40°C
  • Hygrometry 15 to 80% of humidity, without condensation


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