Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 – Trilogy Ventilator

June 19, 2018
Trilogy Ventilator - Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 - Soma Technology, Inc.

Trilogy Ventilator - Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 – Trilogy Ventilator

Ventilators are imperative to sustaining a quality of life, and when in a dire situation, an unconscious person will have the oxygen pumped through the body. A ventilator pumps oxygen into the lungs where it can be dispersed elsewhere, including to the heart, brain, and circulatory system. The Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 ventilator is a great choice for both invasive and noninvasive ventilation.

Philips Respironics Trilogy 202 Features

The Trilogy 202  has many technological features. This ventilator compensates for leaks in both pressure and volume control modes. This Trilogy ventilator supports either active or passive exhalation breathing circuits to accommodate changes in preference. The compact design has a long battery life and can be transported in the hospital. The auto-adaptive triggering, cycling, and leak adjustments may help reduce the time clinicians spend adjusting alarm thresholds and re-fitting masks.

Trilogy 202 Specifications

The Trilogy operates on an LCD screen. An SD card slot stores ventilator data. DirectView software allows the clinician to record treatment trends. Safety alarms are included with pressure modes. Options include a detachable backup battery, hospital roll stand, and 1 GB SD card.

Requesting a Trilogy 202 Ventilator

Our sales team is willing to work on your quote request for any of our ventilators, or for any of our product offerings. Our sales representatives have experience dealing with all medical facilities. Click here to find the sales representative that represents your area. Each sales rep can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or by their direct line, and at [email protected].

Trilogy Ventilator Parts

Soma Technology carries a variety of spare parts for all units that we have in stock. Our complete parts listing can be found on We have parts for ventilators and many Philips spare parts. Please call us at 1-860-578-1033 to speak with the Parts Department. We can be reached by email at [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the Trilogy 202 or the Trilogy 100? Are there other Philips machines you like to use? Which features work the best, and which are some that can be changed? Are there any other products that you would like us to write about? Comment below!

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