Medfusion 4000 Syringe Pump

March 9, 2018
Smiths Medical Medfusion 4000 - Syringe Pump - Soma Technology, Inc.

Smiths Medical Medfusion 4000 - Syringe Pump - Soma Technology, Inc.

Medfusion 4000 Syringe Pump

The Medfusion 4000 is one of our most popular syringe pump models. Soma Technology has many trusted original equipment manufacturers that we refurbished back to their standards. Syringe pumps are used in a variety of settings. These settings include emergency rooms, the ICU, and ambulatory surgical centers.


The 4000 syringe pump is the next in class after the 3500 syringe pump. The Medfusion 4000 has the ability to provide accurate medication delivery to patients in critical care units. This syringe pump is designed to prevent medication errors and delivers information more fluidly. This pump is safe, simple, and smart.

This infusion pump is safe for use on pediatric and neonatal patients. The U.S. News and World Report Children’s Hospital Honor Roll lists this as the most widely used syringe pump. PharmGuard software allows the pump to wireless connect to the server and is easily reprogrammable. The server is also capable of storing valuable information in its medications library.

There are many features of this pump. There is the ability to configure care area profiles and drug protocols. The wireless connectivity allows the program to be reprogrammed without handling the pumps. FlowSentry™ monitor provides unmatched pressure sensing technology for earlier clinical intervention.


Delivery rates are very precise. They come within a 2% accuracy margin. This infusion pump can produce low flow rates with larger infusion syringes. Continuous quality improvement is maintained through the capture of data management.The ergonomic, easy-to-use, horizontal design helps protect the entire syringe barrel and allows single-handed loading of the syringe.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Medfusion 4000 syringe pump? Are there features you enjoy using, or features that you would change? Comment below.

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