What Ventilators Can I Rent for Flu Season?

September 27, 2019
ventilators for flu season

What Ventilators Can I Rent for Flu Season?

Flu Season statistically is one of the most crowded and hectic times for emergency care, and the increased patient census becomes an issue for medical facilities. Many times there are medical facilities and biomedical engineers and material managers scrambling to figure out what their hospital facility needs, and how to meet that demand with their budget. this post is to tell you that there are so many ventilator options to rent to keep both your patient census controlled, as well as monetary planning.  Click to continue to read more about the Avea ventilator, and other ventilators you can rent for flu season!

What is Flu Season?

Flu season is one of the most hectic times for a medical facility. During the months of September through March, there are increased numbers of patients who will need medical care for flu-like symptoms or complications from the flu. The flu can cause respiratory complications, and the loss of fluids which would require a hospital to stock up on ventilators, infusion pumps, and patient monitors.

How Does a Ventilator Work?

A ventilator works by being invasive or noninvasive. This means that those who are unable to breathe on their own will require invasive ventilation with the ventilator pumping oxygen and manually inflating their lungs so that the oxygen to travel to other parts of the body such as the circulatory system. Noninvasive ventilation is for a patient who is conscious and can breathe on their own without requiring assistance.


Vyaire CareFusion Avea Ventilator - Soma Tech Intl


Avea Ventilator

The Vyaire Avea ventilator is one of our most widely request ventilators that we refurbish very frequently. This ventilator has integrated BiCore technology for advanced pulmonary monitoring and front connection ports to provide esophageal balloon catheters, tracheal catheters, and proximal low sensors. Other standard features include heliox administration, Pflex, nCPAP, and a scroll pump compressor. this ventilator has a precision gas delivery system and features accurate tools to aid in quicker reactions during critical situations.


Drager Evita Infinity V500 Ventilator - Soma Tech Intl





How to Rent a Ventilator or Other Flu Season Equipment 

There are many reasons why your facility would want to rent equipment. As for flu season, these are times when there is a very large increase in patient census, and sometimes this means that there isn’t enough equipment to go around for all of the patients. Ventilators are incredibly useful and necessary in aiding people who have respiratory complications from the flu. In addition to ventilators, we have many other units available for rent. These units include patient monitor rentals and infusion pump rentals. To rent or purchase any of this equipment please contact your local sales representative through that link, or by emailing [email protected], calling 1-800-GET-SOMA, or even filling out a web request on our website’s rental page.

What if I Would Like to Purchase a Refurbished Unit?

If you would like to purchase your unit instead of renting, that is more than acceptable! Chances are that you are going to be able to get the most out of the equipment through purchasing as well, it all depends on what your unique situation is. All of our sales representatives are trained in helping medical facilities pick the right options for them in terms of future projects, current needs, and current parameters.

What is the Refurbishment Process?

Soma Technology has a very fastidious and meticulous refurbishment process. First, our procurement department sources necessary units that places like your medical facilities are looking to downsize. If you are interested in selling a unit to our procurement team, please click here to sell your equipment. Selling to Soma means that we are 100% HIPAA compliant, and will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours during the business week. You can submit your request online. Next, the equipment goes to a trained biomedical engineer who replaces necessary parts from our healthy stock in our Parts Department. These units are calibrated back to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications in our ISO 13485-certified facility. Once these units are functioning perfectly, they are brought to our cosmetics department where they are sanded, painted, and have decals and stickers replaced to look like the day they were rolled off the lines at the original manufacturer. Next, these units go back to the engineers for a final quality check before going to our shipping department. Shipping packages these units to be safely transported to your medical facility. Upon opening, these units are ready to be used immediately!

Final Thoughts

Have you ever needed to rent a piece of equipment from Soma Technology? Have you ever purchased a ventilator or another unit from us? Do you have a favorite brand of medical equipment that you trust the most? Or do you have one that your medical institution requires you to train on? Did you get your flu shot for this year? Comment below!

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