What Surgical Table Option Is Right For Me?

April 19, 2018
What Surgical Table Option Is Right For Me?

What Surgical Table Option Is Right For Me?

This question is very broad. Soma Technology has many different surgical table options of surgical tables for different specialties, operations, and facilities. Our tables come with many options as add-ons, weight capacities, and positioning.

Our Stocked Brands

We rely only on the best medical equipment manufacturers in the market. We stock Steris, Skytron, Great White, Axia Surgical, Mizuho, and Maquet. The equipment from these brands is refurbished back to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. We offer pricing of up to 50% off and competitive service warranties.

Surgical Tables

Great White Maxima Stirrups -Soma Technology, Inc.

Surgical Tables With Stirrups

Surgical tables have the option to come with stirrups at an additional cost, especially depending on the type of surgery that will be involved. Stirrups are commonly found in gynecologist and urology offices. Stirrups help to elevate the positioning of the legs so that the pelvic region is easily operated on. The stirrups are movable so that different positioning during surgery is achieved.

The stirrups help both the patient and the doctor. The surgeon can better view the bodily structures and have a less invasive procedure. The less invasive a procedure is, the less of a risk there is for infection, sepsis, punctured tissue, or other medical complications. Stirrups allow the doctor to perform the procedure either standing or in a seated position. Technological innovations such as these have helped the success of surgical milestones within the last century.

General Surgery Tables

A general surgical table is laid flat, usually with 3 compartmental cushions for a body to be at rest. These are lifted by electro-hydraulics. Weight capacities can vary. Tables used in bariatric surgeries are usually made to support up to 1,000 pounds. Surgical tables are found in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Steris Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table - Rental Soma Technology, Inc


Steris Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table

The Steris Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table is one of our most requested surgical tables. This table features automatic conversion functions for reverse patient positioning. Bieri Hydraulics provides precise tabletop articulation for specialties including urology and neurology. The tabletop movement is smooth and accurate for a full range of positions.

The Amsco 3085 can be used in orthopedic procedures with the addition of an orthopedic extension. A T-shaped pedestal design provides optimal access to the patient by the entire surgical team, regardless of the procedure. The hand control features include Trendelenburg, normal, reverse, and a return to level button.

Steris 4085 Surgical Table - Soma Tech Intl


Steris Amsco Cmax 4085 Surgical Table

This Steris Amsco Cmax 4085 Surgical Table is the next in the Steris Amsco Series. This table is also electro-hydraulic and designed for both surgeon and patient comfort. The features accommodate all patients with large height and weight ranges. For imaging purposes, a C-arm can be utilized during surgery with the table. The images and table are both used in cardiothoracic, orthopedic, and neurosurgical procedures. The radiolucent kidney elevator can also be used. Again, the hand control functions with Trendelenburg, normal, and reverse positioning.

Skytron 3600B UltraSlide - Surgical Table - Soma Tech Intl


Skytron 3600B

The Skytron 3600B is made by Skytron. The 3600B can handle up to 1,000 pounds. It is also able to carry out the essential positions for successful surgeries. Additional features are removable back and leg sections. An Auto Beach Chair position allows for the patient to be in a seated position, instead of the typical flat, lying down position. Full-body imaging is also a plus. This machine runs on battery power.



Skytron Elite 6500 Surgical Table

The Skytron Elite 6500 Surgical Table is one of our best-selling surgical tables. It is electro-hydraulically operated as with all of the other surgical tables listed. All positioning is managed by hand control. The positioning options include Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt, Back section, Elevation, Leg section, Flex/reflex, Kidney life, Return to level, and the floor lock/brake system. There are controls for the head section, tabletop rotation, emergency brake release, and removal of the leg sections. 

The 180-degree tabletop rotation allows for a C-arm to be seamlessly incorporated into the surgical procedure. This surgical table allows the height to be changed for the surgeon to be sitting, or to choose to operate while standing. This table has a 500-pound weight capacity.

Refurbishing Surgical Tables

All surgical tables that come to Soma Technology undergo technical and cosmetic refurbishment. First, the equipment is calibrated and tested by our experienced team of biomedical engineers. Once the machine has parts replaced, the medical device is sent to cosmetics where is it cleaned, sanded, painted, and replaced decals.  The old cushions are removed and new ones are secured to the table. The surgical table is placed on a secure palette with proper crate requirements.

Renting a Surgical Table

Most of the products we sell can be rented as well. Rentals can be for as long as the user needs. The benefits of renting include avoiding acquisition and maintenance costs on equipment. We can ensure equipment availability for an immediate need. There is no downtime due to repairs or service. We can help you try out new technologies without the commitment to ownership. Rentals can help to fill an increased patient census. If there is an uptick in the number of surgeries scheduled, renting a surgical table may be a great option.

For over 25 years, Soma Technology, Inc. has specialized in outfitting healthcare facilities with quality, new, and refurbished medical equipment. Please discuss with a sales representative if a rental is your best financial and logistical option.

Selling a Surgical Table

If your facility has any surgical tables not currently in use that you are looking to get rid of, please contact our purchasing department. By selling your surgical tables, or any other equipment, you can free up precious floor space, and gain financial revenue for use in your annual budget. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and all leads are responded to within a 24 business hour period.

First, a request to sell equipment is filled out. Next, a representative will contact you. If the purchase is accepted, a confirmation of agreement can be paid. This can also count as credit towards a future trade-in or purchase. The purchasing department can be reached at 860-578-1050 or 860-578-1061.

Surgical Table Parts

Soma Technology has a wide array of medical parts for almost any category of medical devices. Our large, extensive stock of parts has many options for surgical tables. Our stock of parts includes power cords, tilt sensors, O rings, Clark sockets, arm board, fuse drawer, hand control cord, caster wheels, and many other parts.

Requesting a Surgical Table Quote

If you have questions about a surgical table or any other medical device, we have a knowledgeable team of sales representatives willing to help make the selection easier. Each surgical table comes with competitive warranties and lifetime technical phone support, and buying a refurbished one allows for up to 50% in savings. Those savings can be used towards more capital medical equipment, or toward other facility goals.

Please call 1-800-GET-SOMA, or email [email protected] to get in contact with a sales representative. Or, they can be reached directly here.

Final Thoughts

Is there a type of surgical table that you prefer to use over another option? Do you have a specialty that requires a surgical table that we did not list? If you have bought Comment below.

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