Tuesday Thoughts: When Are the Most Babies Born?

June 4, 2019
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Tuesday Thoughts: When Are the Most Babies Born?

Do you know what season most babies are born in? There is an influx of babies that are born during what months? To give you a hint, this month starts the increasing phenomenon of children being born. Click to read more about babies and to find out the answer!

The Answer

The answer is that most babies are born during the summer months! This could be attributed to people who tend to get closer to one another when the temperatures start decreasing, and they spend more time huddled together.

How To Take Care of Babies in the Summer

Taking care of babies is one of the most important jobs someone can have. It is vastly important in the summer. We have all heard the news stories of infants left in cars, or dying of dehydration. There are a few steps to make certain that newborns through toddlers can be safe during the heat.

  • If they are able to drink water, give them enough water
  • Apply SPF50 sunblock on them each hour
  • Try not to put them in direct sunlight, and if they are, they are in comfortable clothing with a hat
  • Alert authorities if you see any child in a car without parents
  • Babies under 6 months should not be in the sun
  • Try to do activities in the shade

Final Thoughts

Are you or one of your siblings someone who was born in the summer months? Do you think that people born in November and December were conceived on Valentine’s Day? Have you ever thought about when you were conceived? Usually, the conception date is 40 weeks before your birthday! Comment below if you have any ideas for us to write in our Tuesday Thoughts category!

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