Wednesday Wisdom: Some Tumors Have Hair and Teeth

December 5, 2018


Wednesday Wisdom: Some Tumors Have Hair and Teeth

This sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie or a fantasy book, but it happens in real life. Some people have tumors removed from their bodies that have hair and teeth. Have you ever heard of this happening before? Are you familiar with this concept? Click to read more about these seemingly weird, but real masses.

What is a Teratoma?

A teratoma is found in any type of person regardless of age. It is a mass or clump of cells, as a tumor. These tumors contain different types of bodily tissues and can have teeth and hair found inside of them. This is because they have cells that have not change to their function as a different type of tissue yet, and grow into other tissues. Sometimes these can happen in a pregnant woman’s uterus with a fetus and can look like the remains of a twin fetus.

These tumors are not a certain cancer sentence. There are a few different types of teratomas, and they can be mature or immature. Teratomas are usually found around the tailbone, or ovaries, and tend to be more prevalent in women. Teratomas need to be surgically removed.

Types of Teratomas

There are a few different types of teratomas. A cystic teratoma has fluid filled casing around itself. A solid teratoma is not enclosed but made up of hardened tissue. A mixed teratoma is both solid and cystic. A mature teratoma is usually less likely to be cancerous.

Teratoma Symptoms

There are many identifiable symptoms. Around the teratoma people will generally feel pain, swelling, constipation, abdominal pain, pain while urinating, leg weakness, and may experience bleeding. There are a few other markers for a teratoma that can be tested for higher levels of AFP and BhCG.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever had a teratoma? Do you know anyone who has seen one in real life? Do you know anyone who has had one? Did the post slightly freak you out?

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