BD Alaris PCA Module 8120

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BD Alaris PCA Module 8120 Features

The BD Alaris PCA Module 8120 works with the Alaris 8015 PC unit. The Alaris 8120 Module is used for the delivery of pain management medications via patient-controlled dosing in a locked clear case.

The Alaris Medley 8120 PCA Syringe module is part of a comprehensive IV medication safety system with a common user interface shared across multiple infusion modalities. The 8120 is designed to work with the Alaris PC Unit as well as with other Alaris System modules.

The Alaris PCA module is a syringe-based PCA infusion device that provides quick access to total dose history and monitors trending data giving you additional tools to analyze and address a patient’s response to pain therapy

Use this module to customize the Alaris 8000 or 8015 PC Unit Infusion Pumps

  • Reduced respiratory failure
  • Decreased adverse drug events
  • Monitoring for all at-risk patients

The module follows industry best practice recommendations for continuous EtCO2 and SpO2 monitoring.

Carefusion Alaris BD 8120 PCA Pump Module Specifications


  • Height: 15 in
  • Width: 4.5 in
  • Depth: 7.5 in
  • Weight: 5.5lbs

Bolus Volume After Occlusion, Maximum

  • High: .997mL
  • Low: .396 mL

Bolus Delivery Rate

  • 150 mL/hr
  • 75-500 mL/hr ( limited by syringe size

Lockout Interval

  • 1 – 180 muntes in 1 minute increments
  • Min/max 1 – 180 minutes

Max. Accumulated Dose Range

  • 1 hour limit
  • Disabled/1, 2 or 4 hour limit

Max Rate

  • 999 mL/hr
  • 0.1 – 99.9 mL/h in 0.1 mL/h increments; 100 – 999 mL/h in 1 mL/h increments

Occlusion Pressure Set Point

  • High: 800 mmHg
  • Low: 200 mmHg
  • Medium: 500 mmhm

Reduced respiratory failure

  • The PCA infusion pauses if the patient’s respiratory parameter falls below hospital-defined EtCO2 or SpO2 limits.

Decreased adverse drug events

  • Guardrails MX drugs error reduction software helps reduce adverse drug events.

Monitoring for all at-risk patients


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