Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2019
July Fourth

Happy Fourth of July!

Soma Technology wants to wish everyone a very happy 4th of July! This is a time when the people of the United States gather to celebrate our independence from Britain. On July 3rd, we had a picnic for our employees. Continue reading more about July 4th!

What Famous Dates Also Happened July 4th?

  • West Point opened
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe all died
  • Texas becomes a state
  • Independence Day is first celebrated as a holiday
  • France gifts us the State of Liberty
  • Higgs Boson is discovered

What Are Popular July 4th Activities?

We have compiled a list of our favorite July 4th activities and some hot weather activities!

  • Attend a July 4th BBQ
  • Make a side dish for someone else’s BBQ or picnic
  • Make plans to watch your local town’s fireworks
  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Spend time doing stuff around the house that you can’t usually get to
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood
  • Go out for ice cream

Final Thoughts

For most of the United States, it will be a scorcher outside. Temperature is going to be well into the 90’s for most places. Make sure that you are keeping hydrated and avoid dehydration, heat stroke, or exposing yourself to skin cancer. We are closed today for July 4th but will be open tomorrow, Friday, July 5th for normal business hours. Let us know in the comments what your plans for July 4th are!

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