What’s the Difference Between the Giraffe OmniBed and the Giraffe?

March 12, 2020
GE giraffe Omni bed incubator

What’s the Difference Between the GE Giraffe Omnibed and the GE Giraffe?

Both the GE Giraffe OmniBed and the GE Giraffe are incubators, but what exactly is the difference? Both of these incubators facilitate the neonate’s transition from the uterus to the external environment. These Giraffe incubators can be used in two main operating modes:

  1. Air Control: The air temperature inside the incubator is set to a certain temperature to maintain the desired temperature. The inside air of the incubator is read by the probe on the compartment wall.
  2. Patient Control: This setting allows the clinician to set the desired temperature of the patient. A skin temperature probe senses the patient’s temperature and feeds this information to the controller for the incubator. The controller then adjusts the heater output to maintain the patient temperature at the set value.

Both incubators have the same incubation operating modes, so what’s the difference? Keep reading to learn about the difference!

The main difference between the GE Giraffe OmniBed and the GE Giraffe is that the GE Giraffe Omnibed can be converted into a conventional infant radiant warmer. The GE Giraffe only functions as an incubator. The GE Giraffe OmniBed saves you space in your delivery rooms and NICUs, by only needing one unit for both needs. But, sometimes your facility doesn’t need the added 2-for-1 feature that the Giraffe OmniBed offers; this is where the Giraffe comes in. If you need help deciding whether your facility needs the Giraffe OmniBed or the Giraffe, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-GET-SOMA. Call to be connected to one of our experienced sales representatives to help you make a decision on which unit to purchase.

The Importance of Incubators and Warmers

Incubators and infant warmers are necessary in pediatric units, birthing centers, and neonatal intensive care units. They provide a stable and safe environment for newborn infants. Neonates can’t regulate their body temperature as effectively as kids and adults and can suffer from the quick loss of body heat. This is why incubators and infant warmers are important after delivering a baby from their heated area to the outside world; to maintain the infant’s body temperature.


Incubators are often used for infants who were born premature, with an illness, or a disability. This makes babies’ health more vulnerable during the first few months of life. They are fully enclosed in controllable environments that are used to protect infants from a range of possible dangers. As stated above, incubators are fully temperature controlled, and they also help insulate from the outside noise which makes it easier to rest. Incubators help protect neonates from bacteria, viruses, and airborne irritants like dust and disease.

Infant Warmers

Once neonates are born, and no immediate illness or disabilities are known, they are usually placed in an infant warmer to be checked up on by the physicians.

GE Giraffe OmniBed Features

The Giraffe OmniBed combines the features of both an incubator and a radiant warmer. When used as an incubator, a fan and heater beneath the bed circulate warm air through the closed infant compartment. The Infant can be accessed through little doors on the sides of the compartment. If more access to the baby is needed, the OmniBed’s canopy rises and the unit can convert into a radiant warmer while maintaining the baby’s temperature. The Giraffe OmniBed allows a full range of procedures without disrupting the baby.

Boost Air Curtain

Boost Air Curtain - Giraffe Omnibed - Soma Technology, Inc.

When the OmniBed is being operated as an incubator, and the doors are open for an extended length of time, pushing the Boost Air Curtain button increases fan speed and improves open-door thermal performance. While the Boost Air Curtain is activated the fan runs at a higher speed and raises the noise level in the compartment. This mode will automatically deactivate after 20 minutes.


Timer - Giraffe OmniBed - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Giraffe OmniBed has an integrated timer built into the menu screen.


Trend - Giraffe OmniBed - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Giraffe Bed has a trending screen that will graph temperatures from two patient skin probes if they are installed in the jacks. The air temperature is read by the compartment probe, and the set temperature is entered during the time period. The graph also shows what control modes and the percentage of heating power.

Servo Control Oxygen System

Servo Control Oxygen System - Giraffe OmniBed - Soma Technology, Inc.

The servo control oxygen system is an integrated option available on the GE Giraffe OmniBed. During operation, noise levels in the infant compartment will be unable to be heard. Remote oxygen sensors are mounted inside the unit under the bed. The oxygen concentration is set using the integrated display and is easily calibrated with a push of a button. The servo-control oxygen system allows the administration of oxygen with virtually no intrusion to the infant. The set percentage of oxygen by volume, ranging from 21 to 65%, is displayed.


Scale - GE Giraffe OmniBed - Soma Technology, Inc.

If the in-bed scale is installed, pressing the button will result in an audio prompt that will tell you to lift the baby from the bed so the scale can return to zero. This will prompt you to place the baby on the bed and calculate the infant’s weight. You can track the series of weights on the trend graph each time you weigh the baby.

Servo Humidity

Servo Humidity - GE Giraffe OmniBed - Soma Technology, Inc.

The humidity is displayed and allows you to select a set humidity for inside the compartment. The clinician can select the desired humidity level by pushing the knob to highlight the setting and turning the knob to increase or decrease the humidity setting.

Infant Warmer Operation

When operating the OmniBed as a radiant warmer, clinicians can select two modes: Baby Mode & Manual Control Mode. Baby Mode is when the temperature is measured by a probe on the infant’s skin and adjusts the heat output to the desired temperature. The OmniBed is also equipped with two patient temperature probe jacks for co-bedding of twins, or to monitor a single baby’s temperature from two anatomical sites. If the canopy is lowered while in Baby Mode, once the OmniBed converts into an incubator it will continue to run in Baby Mode. If the canopy is lowered while in Manual mode, the Giraffe OmniBed will operate in Air Mode as an incubator.

Refurbished GE Giraffe OmniBed Incubator

Like all of their products, Soma Tech Intl technically and cosmetically refurbishes the Giraffe Incubator and Infant Warmers. Soma Technology has a dedicated team of in-house biomedical engineers who are certified and trained to work on specific types of equipment. When a Giraffe Omnibed undergoes our refurbishment process, it first gets taken apart and tested. If needed, necessary parts are replaced. The unit is calibrated back to the original manufacturer’s specifications before being cleaned and cosmetically refurbished. After the incubator is cleaned, it undergoes a special cosmetic restoration process where minor scrapes and dents are repaired before being re-painted. This ensures a nice clean and new finish. After the GE Giraffe OmniBed is looking and works like it did the way it originally left the manufacturer, it goes through a final quality control test before being labeled patient-ready. Soma Technology prides itself on providing high-quality medical equipment at a fraction of the price of the manufacturer. We offer refurbished Giraffe OmniBeds at up to 50% below OEM prices while still offering the same service and warranty as the manufacturer. Purchasing medical equipment from Soma helps your facility save money and prolong your annual budget.

Pre-Owned and Used GE Giraffe OmniBed Incubators

Not only does Soma Tech Intl specialize in refurbishing GE Giraffe OmniBed incubators, but we also purchase used and pre-owned incubators too! The medical equipment has to come from somewhere, so if you have used Giraffe OmniBed incubators in your facility and you are trying to free up some floor space you can sell them directly to Soma Tech Intl. Soma will handle all of the logistics of purchasing your medical equipment without the need for a middleman. Our equipment purchasing process is headache and hassle-free with our experienced procurement department. If you would like to sell used or pre-owned medical equipment, send us a message here!

Final Thoughts

Did you know the difference between the GE Giraffe and the GE Giraffe OmniBed? Did you know that the Giraffe OmniBed can also be used as an infant warmer? Do you have used and pre-owned Giraffe OmniBeds that your facility is trying to sell? Comment below and let us know!


  1. I have 2 Giraffe OmniBed Incubators they came out of a teaching hospital and were working when taken out of service. but have been setting for about a year in plastic wrap.

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