Boston Scientific Endostat III Electrosurgical Unit

May 8, 2018
Boston Scientific Endostat III - Soma Technology, Inc.

Boston Scientific Endostat III - Soma Technology, Inc.

Boston Scientific Endostat III Electrosurgical Unit

Electrosurgical units are a large selling category at Soma Technology. We receive quotes for rentals and owning options quite frequently. Boston Scientific is one of the most reputable names in the medical device market. Soma Technology refurbishes all of our equipment back to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications in an ISO 13485 certified facility.

Electrosurgical units work by pulsing electricity through a machine that heats up a handpiece. The handpiece can cut through soft tissues, and then can then coagulate those tissues. The process of cutting and coagulating helps prevent blood loss and other surgical complications.

Boston Scientific Endostat III Features

The Endostat III electrosurgical unit is one of the newer models from Boston Scientific.  The generator features control cut. This mode is designed for the operator to cut in small increments on cycled power. The pad contact monitors the circuit and safely is administered between the pad and the patient. Patient safety is key in any operation. This design allows for both monopolar and bipolar energy to be admitted. Variable speeds help the surgeon to assist in clearing blood sites.

A self-limiting energy system is designed to limit the depth of penetration on a burn. The monopolar capabilities of the Endostat III Generator are intended to provide physicians the ability to perform certain therapeutic procedures using standard monopolar devices. These devices are polypectomy snares, sphincterotomes, and hot biopsy forceps. The user is offered a choice of four individual RF waveforms: coag, blend, control cut, or cut. Receptacles that accept widely used monopolar active cords and disposable dispersive electrodes (patient plates, or grounding pads).

Endostat III Specifications

This ESU is compact allowing for easy transportability between operating rooms. The total weight is 20 pounds and can be transported on an optional cart. All of our products come with competitive warranties and lifetime technical phone support.

Requesting a Boston Scientific Endostat III

Soma Technology has a dedicated team of sales representatives will to work on equipment choices for either existing medical facilities, or ones currently under development. You can find a list of all products we sell here.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Boston Scientific Endostat III?  Do you feel as though this is technologically rivaling other electrosurgical units? How likely are you to recommend this to operating rooms and surgery centers? Are there features that you enjoy using or some that you would change? Comment below!

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