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January 12, 2023
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GE Carescape V100

Vital Signs Monitor

The GE Carescape V100 is a battery-operated monitor that offers: noninvasive measurement of systolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature. The battery’s run-time is typically 8 to 11 hours before requiring a recharge. This depends on the amount the patient monitor is used. These monitors are available with or without an integrated printer. The GE V100 can be used for spot-checking and continuous monitoring while calculating non-invasive blood pressure in as fast as 14 seconds. Combining these fast determination times with the advanced algorithms from GE, the V100 monitor helps ensure patient comfort while maintaining a high standard of clinical accuracy. Continue reading to learn more about the Carescape V100!

About the Carescape V100

General Information

The Carescape V100 is a durable vital sign monitor designed for sub-acute clinical settings where monitoring mobility is essential. Patient monitors need to withstand the rigors of tough clinical use and cleaning; this is what makes the V100 a great monitor. Along with great durability, the GE V100 also has a long run time of up to 11 hours before requiring a recharge. This extended battery allows the flexibility to move the monitor from one patient room to the next for an entire shift. It can also be used on all types of patients from adults to pediatrics, to neonates.

This monitor connects to the GE Carescape Network via ApexPro telemetry and a DinaLink adapter. That makes the data accessible on the Carescape CIC Pro, Carescape iPanel, Carescape Mobile Viewers, or anywhere it’s needed for fast, efficient care decisions. Additionally, it can be integrated with an EMR (electronic medical record). When using Pyxis Nursing Data Collection from BD Carefusion, a patient’s vital signs data can be wirelessly transmitted from the monitor to a hand-held PDA. Once received and accepted, the data is automatically recorded in the patient’s EMR, eliminating the need for manual transcription and printing.

The Carescape V100 comes in many different configurations to meet the demands of your facility. Soma Tech Intl offers different combinations of NIBP, SpO2, Temperature, and recorder with different temperature and SpO2 options. SpO2 options can be Ohmeda TruSignal, Nellcor OxiMax, or Masimo SET. The Temperature options can be Alaris Turbo Temp or Exergen.


SpO2 stands for Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen. The SpO2 probe has a built-in sensor that senses the heart rate and oxygen saturation. The analog signals picked up by the probe are routed to the SpO2 wiring assemblies for Ohmeda, Nellcor, or Masimo, where they are analyzed. The signals are digitized and sent to the main board, which temporarily stores the data and routes it to the UI board for display and printing if needed.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)

The NIBP parameter in the monitor is available with three types of Dinamap NIBP technologies: two calibrated to intra-arterial pressure (classic and SuperStat) and one calibrated to the auscultatory method (Auscultatory). NIBP is measured noninvasively by the oscillometric method.

How does the oscillometric method of determining NIBP work?

How does the oscillometric method of determining NIBP work? This method works by a sensitive transducer that measures cuff pressure and pressure oscillations within the cuff. For the first determination taken on the patient, the algorithm stores the pattern of the patient’s oscillation size as a function of the pressure steps. For subsequent manual, auto, or Stat determination taken within 2 minutes of previous data of the same patient, as few as four pressure steps may be necessary to complete the determination process. To allow for rapid settling of cuff pressure, the monitor will momentarily inflate to a higher pressure, and then immediately deflate to the target pressure. After the cuff inflates, the NIBP parameter begins to deflate. The oscillations versus cuff pressure are measured to determine the mean pressure and calculate the systolic and diastolic pressures.


The Carescape V100 offered by Soma Tech Intl uses Alaris Turbo Temp or Exergen technology. The Alaris temperature probe contains a heating element that preheats it to reduce determination time. The heating function is controlled by the main board. The probe contains a thermistor that indicates the temperature. When the probe makes contact with the patient, the resistance of the thermistor is sensed by the circuitry on the Main Board. Here it processes the digital signal and displays the patient temperature on the UI board in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Alaris Turbo Temp allows clinicians to take oral, rectal, or axillary temperature readings. It also supports two temperature measurement modes: fast (predictive) oral or rectal. The Exergen TemporalScanner temporal artery thermometer uses ultrafast infrared scanning technology with arterial heat balance algorithms to quickly and non-invasively measure the patient’s temperature. This infrared scanner samples at 1000 times per second.


The GE Carescape V100 has the option of an integrated printer. The printer prints a hard copy of the patient’s vital sign values and trend data. The printer has a built-in sensor to monitor the printer’s paper presence. It’s a thermal dot array printer that prints at a resolution of 384 dots per inch.

Refurbished GE Carescape V100 Monitors

Soma Tech Intl offers refurbished Carescape V100 monitors up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service contracts and warranty programs. We also offer Carescsape V100 rentals in long-term, short-term, and rent-to-own options. Soma not only technically refurbishes these monitors but also cosmetically refurbishes them too. This process makes them function like new and look new. The refurbishment process starts after the first inspection of the vital signs monitors. It’s carefully inspected and tested by our in-house biomedical engineers who are highly skilled and certified to work on these units. If necessary, parts are replaced so all aspects of the GE V100 are functioning properly. Once everything is in working order, the unit is calibrated to the original engineering manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that the unit is working the same way that it was when it originally left the manufacturing facility. Once the V100 works like new, it undergoes a cosmetic restoration process. It’s cleaned, minor scratches and dents are repaired, if necessary it’s sanded and repainted, and decals are replaced. This process is completed in Soma’s ISO 13485-certified facility to ensure the best quality is given to all medical equipment. Before the Carescape V100 is labeled patient-ready and packed up for shipment, it goes through one last quality control test to make sure all aspects are working perfectly.

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