GE Corometrics 250 Series Fetal Monitor

August 24, 2018
GE Corometrics 259cx - Maternal/Fetal Monitors - Soma Technology, Inc.

GE Corometrics 259cx - Maternal/Fetal Monitors - Soma Technology, Inc.

GE Corometrics 250 Series Fetal Monitor

Fetal monitors are important for monitoring fetal heartbeats. Doctors monitor fetal’s heart beats to see if the baby is still alive, and to see if there is any change. Changes in heart rate can be a predictor that there is a problem. Soma Technology sources products from the top manufacturers, such as GE. The GE Corometrics 250 Series Fetal Monitors are some of the best available.

GE Corometrics 250 Series Features

The GE Corometrics 259, and the Corometrics 259CX have great features. One of the differences is that the 259 CX has a color screen. This monitor includes innovative features that help deliver high-quality birthing experiences. The 250 Series and 250cx monitor uterine and fetal activity. This includes fetal heart rate as well as enhanced maternal monitoring features including temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG, and non-invasive blood pressure. Other features include delayed blood pressure measurement during contractions, chart-light and backlit keys with dimming display. Watertight transducers are also available. As add-ons or from our medical equipment accessories website.

GE Corometrics 250 Specifications

Both of these units weigh around 22 pounds. Ultrasound mode is pulsed doppler with autocorrelation processing. Alarms are set for safety measures.

Requesting a Corometrics 250 Fetal Monitor

Soma Technology carries a wide variety of fetal monitors. We have a team of sales reps that can help with product facts and questions. Our sales team is willing to work on any request for a GE fetal monitor, and for any of our other products. Our sales representatives are experienced in outfitting many surgical centers, hospitals, ambulances, and even some public places keep defibrillators ready. Click here to find the sales representative that serves your area. Each sales rep can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or by their direct line. They can also be emailed at [email protected]. Call today or email for a quote within 24 business hours.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used either the Corometrics 259 or the Corometrics 259cx? Are there features on it that you enjoy, or some that you would change? Is there another fetal heart monitor that you enjoy using? Do you have a favorite manufacturer? Comment below!

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