GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer

July 6, 2018
GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer

GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer

GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer

Infant warmers are necessary pieces of medical equipment in neonatal intensive care units. When a baby is discharged from the mother’s uterus, which is a natural incubator, it needs to be warmed. Keeping a baby’s body temperature at normal levels is imperative to their health. If not, they may experience hypothermia, which would deteriorate all of their bodily and organ functions. We have many infant warmers that we refurbish. One of our highly rated infant warmers is the GE Panda iRes.

GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer Features

The GE Panda iRes has many features that allow it to be the optimal choice in infant warmers. An innovative recessed heater keeps the neonatal patient warm, and separates the heat from the outside environment. Other features include a sleek design, compact size, in-bed scale, optional SPO2, adjustable lighting, and a full color display.

GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer Specifications

This machine is large enough to be moved between rooms, on a convenient set of wheels. The wheels are able to be locked into place, to secure movement of the baby into the warmer.

Requesting a GE Panda Infant Warmer

Our sales team is willing to work on any request for our infant warmers, or for any of our product offerings. Our sales representatives have experience outfitting neonatal intensive care units. Click here to find the sales representative that serves your area. Each sales rep can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or by their direct line; and at [email protected]. Call or email for a quote within 24 business hours!

Spare Parts for GE Infant Warmers

We proudly stock multiple spare parts for every product we sell. We have our own Parts Department that works with biomeds on securing necessary parts. Our Service Team also uses these parts when customers purchase preventative maintenance, and in the case of when under warranty. If you are looking for a complete listing of infant warmer parts, please click here. If you would like to place an order, you can either place your order online, email [email protected], or call our Parts Department at 1-860-578-1033.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the Panda iRes infant warmer? Are there features on it that you enjoy using, or some that you would like to change? A great alternative to the GE Panda iRes is the GE Giraffe OmniBed. We have a completely refurbished GE Panda infant warmer in our showroom. If you would like to take a tour of Soma Technology, please contact 1-800-GET-SOMA. Comment with any questions below!

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