Mindray Passport V Patient Monitor

March 20, 2018
Mindray Passport V

Mindray Passport V

The Mindray Passport V is a reliable EKG patient monitor from the trusted brand, Mindray. This patient monitor, like many of our EKG patient monitors, is used to measure vital signs, especially cardiac rhythms. Vital signs act in a way that medical professionals can accurately describe the health of a patient with a few measures.


The Passport V has many features. These features include pacing, temperature, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure, respiration, and SpO2. This patient monitor has over a foot of screen. The large screen displays metrics clearly and easily. There is the auto-configuration application that allows the screen to accompany more or less metrics, depending on which cables are added or removed.

This patient monitor has a standard configuration with a variety of optional parameters. This monitor can store up to 96 hours of patient’s vital information. A package can be purchased for hardware for IV pumps. There are 8 alarms that can monitor the patient without a clinician needing to be at the bedside.

Like other Passport monitors, this one can be mounted on a wall or a pole. The handle allows for easy transportation between medical facility rooms, or patient rooms.


The screen displays color, and is anti-glare, with a TFT display. The ECG is available in both 3 and 5 lead. There is automatic detection of the cables. There are between 3 to 8 waveforms available.


Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the Mindray Passport V? Do you like the features, or would you change any? Is there a different ECG monitor that you like better? What about other Passport monitors? Comment below!

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