Philips IntelliVue MP Monitor Line

September 13, 2019
Philips MP Monitors

Philips IntelliVue MP Monitor Line

Soma Technology refurbishes equipment from the top medical equipment manufacturers in the healthcare industry. Philips makes some of the most used patient monitors in all of healthcare. Some of these monitors are some of the most requested items that we receive. Continue reading to learn more about all of the Philips Intellivue MP Monitor Lines, and maybe you can find the one that works best for your medical institution!

Why Are Patient Monitors Used?

Patient monitors are some of the most useful medical devices. Almost all patients will at some point be hooked up to a patient monitor. Patient monitors are used to assess the overall health of a person. Patient monitors can monitor pulse, blood pressure, oxygen, and temperature. Each of these parameters is important to medical professionals in developing a diagnosis or prognosis on a patient. At all times, a patient monitor is connected to inpatients in the hospital.


Philips IntelliVue MP30 Multiparameter Monitor Rental - Soma Technology, Inc

Philips Intellivue MP30

This multi-parameter monitor is used in a multitude of hospitals and medical settings. This unit is in a compact monitor to match with settings for quick medical care with powerful monitoring capabilities. The MP30 features a 10.4-inch color SVGA display with 3 or 4 waveforms. This unit is lightweight at about 13.8 pounds with a rugged build and ergonomic handle making it easily transported between patient rooms. Touchscreen operation makes many functions accessible through simple, one-touch commands. This unit can be wirelessly configured to your hospital’s electronic setup. The battery can last for up to 5 hours. Next in the series is the MP50.


Philips Intellivue  MP50

The MP50 is the next step in size in the Philips MP Monitor Line. This monitor is powerful and can help clinicians and physicians to quickly evaluate a patient’s bill of health. The compact unit can be used in a variety of medical environments including intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, special procedures, post-operative care, and patient transfer. This unit is also able to be wirelessly configured to your existing electronic set-up. This monitor has a larger screen than the MP30, at almost 12.1 inches on the diagonal. This also makes the machine weigh more at about a little under  15 pounds. The battery can last up to 5 and 12 hours depending on the configuration settings and usage. The screen is the largest of the line at 15 inches. This is a full liquid color display screen that is bright and easy to read. This monitor also has a very quick start-up time.


Philips IntelliVue MP70 - Patient Monitor - Soma Tech Intl

Philips Intellivue  MP70

The MP70 is the largest monitor in the Philips MP Monitor Line. This monitor features a touchscreen and SpeedPoint operation. There are 10 pre-set configurations to make it easy to customize viewing options. This unit weighs significantly more than the other two, at about 22 pounds. This monitor would be better staying stationary in a patient room than being transported. You can use the plugin recorder for an extensive range of patient reports including the 12 lead-ECG reports, vital signs, graphic trends, cardiac outputs, wedge procedure, calculations, EEG, and loop. There is also a drug calculator that allows you to see the dose, amount, volume, and rate of infusion.

How to Purchase a Monitor

If you would like to purchase a multi-parameter monitor or any of our other medical equipment, we have trained sales representatives who can help. Our sales directors have years of experience in outfitting customers with the right equipment based on needs and budgets and have experience in planning for DeNovo projects as well. Please call 1-800-GET-SOMA, or email [email protected] today to request a quote for a patient monitor or another piece of equipment. You can click here to view the sales representative for your area.

Why Is Renting Right for Me?

Many reasons why renting could be a better option for medical facilities than purchasing could be, but every situation differs from another. There are many benefits to renting medical equipment. Some benefits include avoiding acquisition and maintenance costs on equipment, and the ability to ensure equipment availability to meet immediate needs. There is no downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance in using the equipment. By renting, you are afforded the freedom from technical obsolesce in that you can change out the unit when newer models come out. Other factors that may affect your decision to rent include the ability to access equipment without capital and to ensure the most efficient management of resources. Ask your sales representative about patient monitor rentals. Also, flu season will be starting very soon, and your hospital or medical facility will likely see an increase in patient census. Make certain that you have enough medical equipment for your employees to help care for patients.

Spare Parts for Monitors

Soma Technology has its own Parts Division. This is unique to our facility in that many other refurbished manufacturing companies do not have this. We stock thousands of spare parts for all the medical equipment that we sell. If you are looking for a specific patient monitor spare parts.  If you are looking for something else for other parts we stock, please contact us at [email protected], or at 1-860-578-1033.

The Refurbishment Process

All of Soma’s refurbished equipment goes through a meticulous and strenuous process to ensure that it arrives at the customer in pristine condition and working order. First, our procurement team sources the best products from healthcare facilities. Next, these products arrive and are tested and evaluated by trained biomedical engineers. Once these products pass inspection, they are outfitted with any replacement parts from our very large Parts Department of spare original equipment manufacturer parts.  Next, the unit is brought to our special cosmetics team. The medical equipment cosmetic department sands, paints, cleans and attaches new stickers and decals so the piece of equipment resembles how it did when it originally left its manufacturer. After cosmetics, the unit is brought back to the biomedical engineers who do another quality inspection. The units are then sent to our in-house shipping department and are ready to be packaged and shipped to your facility for immediate use.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Philips MP monitor? Are there features on it that you enjoy using or some that you would change? How often would you say that you use a patient monitor? Would you say that you trust the Philips brand? Is there another brand of medical equipment that you would consider yourself loyal to? Have you ever thought about renting a patient monitor? Comment below!

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