Philips Veradius Unity

March 29, 2018
Philips Veradius Unity - C-arm - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Veradius Unity - C-arm - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Veradius Unity


The Philips Veradius Unity is a mobile c-arm. The Veradius provides crucial guidance, high-quality images, and accurate positioning to help increase first-time results. The powerful imaging, of the Veradius Unity, increases confidence in complex vascular, cardiac, and orthopedic procedures. Clinicians have said that after purchasing the Veradius Unity they were able to treat one more patient during the day. It is specially designed to make surgical imaging easier for physicians and operators in the OR. Its unique user interface is extremely user-friendly, almost as easy as using a tablet. This mobile c-arm helps improve communication when re-aligning and positioning the c-arc.

The Veradius Unity features ClearGuide programming and a color-coded design. ClearGuide provides a uniform language for the operator and the physician that can hardly be misunderstood. It provides a set of reference numbers on the clinical image. Even when rotated, flipped or mirrored, these numbers will always match up with the numbers on the detector. In addition to ClearGuide, the C-arc is color-coded to provide clear visual aids about system movements that help simplify communication between team members.

Once again, Philips has made major improvements to the design and overall feel of their new unit. The movement of the C-arc now takes less effort and makes smoother movements to make quick and accurate adjustments. This mobile c-arm also features position memory. It stores a previous position and displays it on the mobile screen above the current position. This helps the operator quickly return to the desired view with greater accuracy.

On the easy-to-use mobile touchscreen, it’s even easier to select relevant acquisition settings. These are automatically applied to get the required image quality for a specific procedure and anatomy with the appropriate presets. With the addition of relevant acquisition settings, the Veradius is equipped with a full range of radiation dose management features. These features include beam filters, a monoblock design for sharp pulses, and a removable grid that enhances excellent dose efficiency.

Soma Technology provides new, demo, and refurbished c-arms at affordable costs. Soma offers up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as buying a c-arm from the original manufacturer. Soma Technology has a full team of in-house trained and qualified biomedical engineers that fix the test, and calibrate all of our capital medical equipment. After a unit is brought back to OEM specifications, it undergoes a special cosmetic restoration. These products are sanded, repainted, and new decals are set in place. Before the product leaves our facility, it requires special testing to make sure it is working properly and patient ready. Then the unit is securely packaged and sent off for shipment!

Are you looking for a different C-arm? Soma also carries other C-arm models such as the Philips BV Pulsera, GE 9900 Elite, and the GE OEC 9800 Plus, just to name a few. Are you looking for specific brands of C-arms? Soma Technology only carries and refurbishes the best in the market. Some of the brands we carry are GE C-arms, Philips C-arms, and Siemens C-arms.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the Philips Veradius Unity C-arm? Has your hospital or surgical center been searching for an upgrade? Make sure to contact Soma Technology, Inc. for any inquiries about C-arms or any other product!  Not only does Soma Technology carry C-arms we also carry Anesthesia Machines, Autoclaves, Blanket Warmers, Defibrillators, EKGs, ESUs, Imaging Tables, Mini C-arms, Infusions Pumps, Surgical Microscopes, Surgical Lights, Surgical Tables, Ultrasounds, Ventilators and much more!

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