Physio Control Lifepak 15 Defibrillator

July 3, 2018
Lifepak 15

Lifepak 15

Physio Control Lifepak 15 Defibrillator

Physio Control is a well-respected name in the medical equipment market. They make a line of defibrillators called Lifepak. Lifepaks are accurate, and quick to diagnose cardiac ailments with advanced technology. The defibrillator works by tracking electric signals sent out from the heart, analyzing if there is any pulse, and then when appropriate, administering an electric shock to kickstart the heart. One of our most requested items is the Lifepak 15.

Lifepak Defibrillator Line

Physio Control has a line of Lifepak defibrillators that are currently being used. Soma Technology offers the Lifepak 9Lifepak 12, Lifepak 15, Lifepak 20, Lifepak 20e, Lifepak 500, Lifepak 1000, and Lifepak CR Plus. 

Lifepak 15 Features

The Styker Lifepak 15 has many technological features. This monitor shows a continuous waveform, with Masimo Rainbow technology to detect and diagnose cardiac conditions. Other features include biphasic technology, AED external defibrillation, an 8.4″ color LCD screen, a CPR metronome, noninvasive pacing,  3-Lead ECG monitoring, and a 100mm printer.

An audio prompt voices the user on how to use the machine, and properly give care. This improves the quality of CPR given. Transmitting of code data directly to CODE-STAT Data Review software, EMS personnel can review CPR statistics and provide training and feedback where it is most needed.

Lifepak 15 Specifications

There are six main operating modes: AED, Manual, Archive, Setup, Service and Demo Modes. This machine weighs about 19 pounds, so it is a better option for transportation than some other machines. It comes with a lithium-ion battery, accessory bags and shoulder strap with paddles.

This machine stores data efficiently. Waveforms and annotations are stored along with patient records in internal memory. This machine can also work wired, or with wireless connectivity. This machine is capable of 3,7, and 12 lead ECG monitoring.

Requesting Any Lifepak Products

We get many requests for all different brands of defibrillators. Our sales team is willing to work on your quote request for any of our AEDs/defibrillators, or for any of our product offerings. Click here to find the sales representative that represents your area. Each sales rep can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or by their direct line, and at [email protected].

Lifepak Spare Parts

We proudly stock all spare parts for each machine we have in inventory. Click here for all of our Physio Control Lifepak spare parts. We have a wonderful, skilled Service Department that also uses these parts for maintenance and optional warranty plans. Our Parts Department has their own website where you can order spare parts for any of our product inventory. If you would like to reach our department, you can call us at 860-578-1033, or email at [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Have you used any of the Lifepak line of defibrillators? Do you have a story where you used them in an emergency outside of a medical facility? Are there features on it that helped to specifically save a life? Do you have any interesting stories you would like to comment? Comment below!

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