Why Do We Have Eyebrows? Tuesday Trivia!

July 16, 2019
Why Do We Have Eyebrows

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Trivia! Why do we have eyebrows? Do you know? Continue Reading to learn more! Hint: It has to do with evolution! If you guessed correctly, write about it in the comments!

The Answer!

We have eyebrows because of evolution! Specifically, the function of the eyebrow is to keep water, rain, and sweat from getting in our eyes. This is also the same function as eyelashes! When evolving, homo-sapiens were covered in hair. As a function of our surroundings, and clothing, early humans lost the hair from their bodies because it was no longer necessary for warmth. The loss of hair occurred in many places except a select few of those covering many sweat glands. The eyebrow and eyelashes somehow still remain hairy! The hair follicles act to block out foreign debris from getting in our eyes, only to ironically be the thing that gets in our eyes the most! LOL!

What About People Without Eyebrows?

There is actually a condition called Alopecia, where people either have patchy hair, or complete hair loss. Alopecia affects over 200,000 people in the United States each year. Alopecia can happen if there is a family history, or can appear on its own. Some reasons hair can fall out include hormonal changes, medications, radiation, severe stress, and even some hair treatments. The good news is that some treatments are available! Perhaps in the future, not having hair can be an evolutionary advantage!

Final Thoughts

Did you know that we have eyebrows to protect our eyes from sweat, rain, and foreign objects? Do you think it would look weird if humans didn’t have hair on our brow or as eyelashes? Click if you would like to read our other medical trivia posts! comment below if you knew the answer or if you have an idea for a new trivia post we should write about!

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