Which EKG Is Your Favorite?

January 9, 2018
Tell Us Your Favorite EKG


What EKG Machine is your Favorite?

What is an EKG Machine?

EKG Machines, electrocardiograph machines, are used to monitor cardiac activity. The electro-pads are placed on different parts of the body. Each time the heart beats, it transmits small electrical signals that are absorbed by the pads and show a waveform on the screen. The EKG displays these waveforms which are then analyzed as rhythmic changes in the body. EKG Machines are used in cardiologist offices, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and clinics. Want to learn more about EKG machines? View our past article here!

There are a few top names in EKG technology. We sell refurbished  GE EKG Machines, Philips EKG Machines, Burdick EKG Machines, and more. Below are a few of our top-selling models.

Soma Tech Intl - GE MAC 2000 - EKG/ECG

GE Mac 2000 EKG Machine

The GE Mac 2000 is a popular model with the basic capabilities in EKG monitoring. This machine can diagnose heart arrhythmias relatively quickly. The MAC 2000 can also store patient information and waveform data to seamlessly connect with your existing environment. This makes it easy to transmit data. The keyboard features tactile feedback from soft function alphanumeric keys, writer controls, and trim pad cursor controls.

GE MAC 5500 HD - EKG System - Soma Tech Intl

GE MAC 5500HD EKG System

The GE Mac 5500 HD is one of our most requested items. This machine produces advanced algorithms through ECG analysis and enhanced connectivity. The MAC 5500HD features a digital CAM-D module to reduce noise and provide clearer accuracy. This module can even identify pacemakers. The analog ECG output facilitates integration with other cardiac devices. Stress options incorporate exercise testing techniques. A barcode and magnetic card reader help reduce errors. This EKG machine is compact to offer easy mobility. A cart would be optional.

Philips PageWriter TC70 - ECG/EKG Machine - Cardiograph - Soma Tech Intl

Philips Pagewriter TC70 EKG

Philips is a large name in the EKG machine market. The Philips Pagewriter TC70 is a reliable machine, and one often chosen for hospital settings. The 15-inch screen makes reading waveforms quick and easy. The cardiograph features an automated ECG report with wireless transfer to streamline workflow. This machine can quickly identify patients that are in assistance of critical care. The TC70 is a touchscreen and navigation point compatible. It can be used in adult, pediatric and neonatal capacities.

Philips PageWriter Trim III EKG - Soma Tech Intl

Philips PageWriter Trim III EKG

Another EKG machine by Philips is the PageWriter Trim III EKG. It is extremely portable. The Trim III has a smaller screen than most EKG systems but it is in color. The PageWriter Trimm III features an intuitive patient interface module and multiple options to streamline sharing. These options include a modem, USB, or wired LAN. This EKG machine uses a 12-lead ECG for monitoring and color-coded waveforms. This system can detect pacemakers and is configurable for a Stress Test. A cart is optional.

Each of our Refurbished EKG Machines goes through an extensive refurbishment process. First, the machine is cleaned and then sent for testing and calibration. Any missing or defective parts are replaced. The machine is then sent to cosmetics for sanding, a fresh coat of paint, and replacement of decals. A final quality control check is issued and sent to shipping. Soma Technology offers a competitive warranty on all of our new and refurbished equipment. Some people choose refurbished equipment because it helps to save hospitals money that they can then allocate to their budgets.

Is there one of these models that you have used in the past that you enjoy? Is there a different type of model that you use? What are some features that you would include on future models?

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