Today in History: Clara Barton Establishes The Red Cross

May 21, 2019
clara barton

Today in History: Clara Barton Establishes The Red Cross

On this day in 1881, Clara Barton founded the Red Cross. The Red Cross has come a long way since its establishment and has expanded worldwide.  Keep reading to learn more about the history of The Red Cross, and how it operates today.


Clara Barton was a nurse in the American Civil War. After the war, she decided that there was a need to establish formal medical services. Today, the Red Cross operates as a part of the US Government and delivers aid around the world.

What Does The Red Cross Do?

The Red Cross provides many services. The most well-known services they provide are blood and plasma through generous donors. They hold tissue drives with the likes of blood, plasma, and bone marrow to treat patients who have suffered traumatic accidents or have genetic disorders. After natural disasters, the Red Cross works to rehabilitate those people who suffer loss and provide them with shelter, food, water, and other living necessities.

How Can I Help?

The biggest way to help any organization is to spread awareness about what the organization does. By spreading information about the company, you can actively work to educate others about medical conditions and medical procedures. Another way you can help is through donations. The Red Cross accepts blood and plasma donations. Check your local town or school calendar to see if there is a drive happening where you live. You can also contact The Red Cross if you are interested in setting up a drive as well.

Final Thoughts

The Red Cross has been instrumental in the healthcare field since its inception. The Red Cross has helped save a myriad amount of lives and continues to leverage its position to save more lives and improve life expectancies.

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