Why are Diseases Like the Measles Popping Up?

March 13, 2019

Why are Diseases Like the Measles Popping Up?

There has been the news breaking story for the last couple of weeks, that diseases that have a vaccination, are coming back and attacking people at record numbers not seen in decades. If you are wondering why this keeps happening, continue reading. 

What is the Measles?

Measles is a disease spread through the air, either by coughing or sneezing. Symptoms include a skin rash of flat blotches, white spots in the cheeks, dry cough, fever, sore throat, and pink eye. Complications can include pneumonia, encephalitis, bronchitis, ear infection, and problems if you are pregnant.

Other Diseases: Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox/ Herpes Zoster, Polio

Mumps and Rubella are usually combined with the Measles vaccine. Mumps symptoms include pain in the salivary gland, muscle aches, weakness, pain while chewing, loss of appetite, and fever. The symptoms of Rubella are headache, inflamed eyes, mild fever, enlarged lymph nodes, and a pink rash that spreads all over the body. When most of us were children, there was not a vaccine for the Chicken Pox/ Herpes Zoster. Fortunately, there is now one so that we can avoid chicken pox and the shingles virus. Jonas Salk is credited with developing the polio vaccine. Polio was very close to being eradicated, however, there has been an uptick in people contracting polio because not everyone is vaccinated against it.

How Does a Vaccine Work?

A vaccine works by having that strain or disease put into a solution and gradually exposed to your body. Your immune system develops the antibodies needed to fight off this disease. Usually, you only need to be exposed to the vaccine once for it to be most effective.

How Can I Prevent Myself or My Child From These Diseases?

There is only one proven way of avoiding these diseases and that is to get vaccinated, plain and simple. If you are still adamant about not getting a vaccine, avoid public places, schools, and community engagements. If you have the vaccines and are still cautious about getting sick, there are a few steps to take. Sometimes, you can get the flu with a flu shot. To be extra cautious, it is imperative to exercise, eat well, and get the sleep you need to maintain a healthy immune system.

Final Thoughts

Are you vaccinated? Are you on the side of vaccinators or are you an anti-vaxxer? Did you know that vaccines do not cause Autism, and the doctor who wrote that paper had admitted to fraud? Do you think there needs to be a distribution of vaccine information? If there is anything we are missing from this article please comment below!

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