National Nurses Week 2018

May 11, 2018
National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week 2018

May 6th – 12th is National Nurses Week. This week we celebrate the nurses that help make healthcare well received, and empathetic. Nurses work in a variety of medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, doctor’s offices, cosmetic procedure spas, and their own practices. This week is also National Hospital Week.

History of Nursing

Nursing has come a long way in the modern era from crazy practices in ancient times to a more conservative approach. During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale treated British soldiers. She managed other women with the common medical practices of the time. Her organization is considered the founding of modern nursing. Civil war nurse, Clara Barton ended up forming the Red Cross. The Red Cross is a private non-profit organization, that is unique in that it applies aid on a federal level.

During the 20th century, over 500 nursing programs existed. World War I saw the first shortage of professionals who had gone overseas to fight. Women were needed as nurses at military stations to treat wounded soldiers.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a humane existence for nursing schools. They were segregated until the Civil Rights Act, and also had a large bias against admitting men.  Today, we celebrate nursing for taking care of patients.

The Importance of Nurses

Doctors will give an initial diagnosis, and then go about their day. In hospital and surgical settings, nurses stay throughout their shift checking patients’ health. They monitor fluid intake with infusion pumps, check for medications, and monitor patient’s vital signs with patient monitors. Nurses give an extra layer of care not quite found in other specialties. Soma Technology wants to extend our sincerest gratitude to all nurses and the time and patience they take to make communities a better place.

Final Thoughts

Do you know a nurse? Are you proud of the work the nurses do? If you are a nurse, let us know how you celebrated! Comment below!

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