Steris HarmonyAIR A Series VS Amico iCE 30 Surgical Lights

November 18, 2021
Steris HarmonyAIR A Series VS Amico iCE 30/30 Surgical Lights


  1. Types Of Surgical Lights
  2. General Comparison Between Steris HarmonyAIR A Series And Amico iCE 30
  3. Introduction To The Steris HarmonyAIR A Series
  4. Steris HarmonyAIR A Series Features
  5. Introduction To The Amico iCE 30
  6. Amico iCE 30 Features
  7. Rental Options On Surgical Lights
  8. Final Thought


The right surgical lighting is critical for patient safety and staff comfort. It should be designed to enable the medical team to focus exclusively on the surgical operation. Surgical lighting is mainly used in hospital operating rooms and ambulatory surgery centers, but can also be used in various locations throughout the facility to provide high-quality lighting for procedures. Some of the top-rated and highly requested surgical lights are both the Steris HarmonyAIR A-Series and Amico iCE 30.

Learn more about the unique features of these two surgical lights and the long-term benefits both can offer for your surgical suite.


There are various types of surgical lights, and each type plays specific roles in illumination before, during, and after a medical procedure. Two lamp types are conventional (incandescent) and LED (light-emitting diode).

Surgical lighting configurations may include ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or on-floor stands. A ceiling-mounted light can be mounted on a fixed point on the ceiling of a procedure room. Similarly, a wall-mounted configuration is more often used with examination lights versus surgical lights. For greater mobility, floor-standing surgical lights are standalone and typically on wheels enabling them to move from room to room. Mobile floor standing lights are often used in examinations.


SpecificationsSteris HarmonyAIR A SeriesAmico iCE 30
Dimensions6.3” (160 klx) small pattern
10” (80 klx) / 11.8” (45 klx) small pattern
30” (76 cm) light head diameter 7.6 – 12” (19 – 31 cm) light field diameter
Central Illuminance(6.3”) 160 klx , (10”) 80 klx / (11.8”) 45 klx (max)160,000 lx (14,870 fc)
Peak Total Irradiance580 W/m2 (small pattern) , 165 W/m2515 W/m2
Depth of Illumination>67 cm (small pattern) , >80 cm (large pattern)(L1+L2) at 60%: 16.8” (42.7 cm)
Color Temperature (Variable)3500K, 3900K, 4400K, 5100K3,500K, 4,000K, 4,500K, 5,000K
General Color Rendering Index (R9)Up to 97
  • R9 >90
  • R13 >972
  • EtCO2
  • NIBP
Brightness Control50 – 100 (5% in Endo Mode)
LED Life60,000 hours70 >60,000 hours
Expandable SystemUp to two auxiliary arms
Mounting OptionsCeiling mount
  • Ceiling
  • Wall
  • Mobile Stand
Total Radiant Power515 W/m2
Power Consumption at Lighthead40 w50 w @ 24 VDC
Electricity (VAC)120 – 240 VAC 7 – 3 AmpsUniversal VAC


The HarmonyAIR A Series surgical lighting system redefines optical performance through excellent color, contrast, clarity, and control. A unique peninsula design provides optimal illumination at the surgical site, including deep cavity procedures. Now you can automatically maintain constant light intensity even when the light is adjusted or moved during a procedure.

This ceiling-mounted surgical light allows an unobstructed flow of clean air through the lighthead to dissipate accumulated heat and surgical smoke, and a unique airflow design decreases air turbulence. A patent-pending continuous braking system eliminates the need for adjustment for up to 5+ years of usage.


The HarmonyAIR A-Series has a variable pattern, variable intensity surgical lighting fixture design that provides visible illumination of the surgical field and the patient for the operating room staff. The system also facilitates monitoring the mounting and transmission of video and control signals. Furthermore, the HarmonyAIR A Series system evolves with OR staff and complex procedures with its upgraded features.

  • Redefines optical performance – automatically maintains constant light intensity when light is adjusted or moved during a procedure
  • Designed for optimal airflow – allows an unobstructed flow of clean air through the light head to dissipate heat and surgical smoke
  • Maneuverable suspension system – patent-pending continuous braking system that eliminates the need for adjustment for 5+ years of usage
  • Lightweight aluminum construction – weighs approximately 30% less than previous generations of steel arms


The Amico iCE 30 surgical light offers the newest LED technology to the operating room. The design offers superior shadow control, increased depth of field, and light intensity. Additionally, the Amico iCE 30 has a CRI of 95 and an R9 greater than 90 which allows surgeons to easily differentiate between tissues. The slim design and laminar flow openings promote airflow, allow for effortless maneuvering of the light, and include a durable suspension system to eliminate drifting.

Furthermore, the 4500K color temperature provides a crisp white light, without the color-fringing or color-shifting properties of multicolor LEDs, providing natural color to ensure that the surgical field remains clearly illuminated.


The iCE 30 surgical light system is upgradeable, customizable, and can be ordered in a variety of configurations consisting of multiple light heads, HD cameras, monitors, and future-proof suspension systems. Other features of the iCE 30 include: 

  • Customizable iCE Operating Room Boom/Pendant includes one 30m LED Light
  • Series 1 features a single drop tube that accepts up to three lights and/or monitor holders
  • 340-degree rotation in a fixed and central point location
  • Integrates with Amico GoLift Patient Lift System to create a Patient Lift Pendant (PLP)
  • Clinical environment usage: operating, procedure, emergency rooms, and ICU units
  • Additional accessories and options are available


Here at Soma Tech Intl, we have rental options widely available that can allow hospitals to remain within their budget, and on track with their patient census and healthcare options. Surgical lighting equipment such as the Steris HarmonyAIR A Series, Amico iCE 30, and many more are rentable for a short or long term with the option to own. 

Therefore, if your facility is interested in surgical lights or any other medical equipment rentals, please contact your local sales representative. Each sales representative is more than willing to listen to your clinical needs and make recommendations on which equipment to rent. For any further inquiries, you can also contact us at 1.800.GET.SOMA or send us an email at [email protected]


There is no room for error in the surgical unit. Surgeons nowadays demand much more than simple lighting while performing surgery. The lights are no longer just light but also should provide a great infrastructure that allows imaging and control for today and tomorrow. LED surgical lights such as the Steris HarmonyAIR A-Series and Amico iCE 30 have become the new standard in lighting for today’s operating rooms. LED surgical lights to last longer than traditional incandescent versions and often incorporate more advanced control options to adjust illumination level, color temperature, and spotlight settings. 

What kind of surgical light equipment does your medical facility use? What features do you look for in the ideal lighting equipment? Have you ever worked with either the HarmonyAIR or iCE 30 lights? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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