A Guide for Purchasing Propofol Infusion Pumps - Soma Tech Intl

A Guide for Purchasing Propofol Infusion Pumps - Soma Tech Intl

A Guide to Purchasing Propofol Infusion Pumps

A Propofol infusion pump is used in a variety of medical situations. According to the Mayo Clinic, Propofol is an anesthetic agent used in some surgeries to, “produce loss of consciousness before and during surgery. An anesthetic may be given in small amounts to relieve anxiety or pain without causing unconsciousness.” Propofol works in causing relaxation and feelings of sleepiness before medical procedures. When propofol is administered, an anesthesiologist will need to supplement breathing or have the patient use a ventilator. Propofol is only used as an injectable by healthcare professionals. Soma Tech Intl has a variety of propofol pumps for use by anesthesiologists. Continue reading more about propofol pumps.

Baxter Propofol Pump - Baxter Propofol Infusion Pump - Soma Tech Intl

Baxter InfusOR

The Baxter InfusOR propofol infusion pump delivers intravenous agents during anesthetic procedures. Using the Smart Label system of drug specific labels, it can conveniently deliver narcotics, muscle relaxants, vasoactives and more. Medication delivery options are changed by a particular intravenous agent. Delivery choices are made in drug dosing units and with the patient’s body weight. This machine is one of the most preferred propofol pumps in surgical centers. It’s lightweight and is battery operated. A pole clamp in the back securely holds the Baxter infusion pump to a pole, this helps provide good accessibility during use. Magnetically coded labels are attached to the propofol infusion pump that tell the microcomputer the delivery rates of the specific agent on the label. Rotary input switches, set by the user, select the drug delivery rate, then calculations are performed by the microcomputer so the drug is delivered as indicated. The InfusOR propofol pump accepts BD or MonoJect 20cc and 60cc plastic disposable syringes which attach to tubing sets for connection to the patient’s primary intravenous line.

Baxter AS50 Digital Syringe Pump - Baxter Propofol Pumps - Soma Tech Intl

Baxter AS50

The Baxter AS50 is a digital syringe pump that provides accurate infusion of intravenous solutions, blood, blood products, and medication solutions into the body via an I.V. tube. It can be administered intravenously, intra-arterially, and through epidural or subcutaneous tissues. The AS50 propofol IV pump can be piggybacked into an ongoing infusion line to deliver secondary solutions automatically, precisely, and economically. This pump accepts standard disposable syringes from 1 mL to 60 mL in size. The numeric keypad simplified programming and makes the pump easy-to-use. During use, the status display prompts the user to enter data about the infusion. The pump operates on an internal rechargeable battery pack and can also be operated while attached to a 900-series battery charger, or a multi-charger.

Medfusion 3500 Propofol IV Pump - Soma Tech Intl

Medfusion 3500

This 3500 propofol pump is very simple and easy to use. For the last 15 years, Medfusion has been a leader in the syringe pump technology market. This pump has programmable dose limits, rapid occlusion detection, post occlusion bolus reduction, and connectivity with patient data management systems. This unit is easy to use, MRI compatible, has a 10-hour internal battery life, and can be easily mounted to an IV pole.

Safety alerts notify a clinician when limits are reached. The enhanced graphic display of pressure trend allows early opportunity for a clinical intervention. All syringe sizes can be loaded into the barrel. Patient information is transported from this unit to the facility to improve efficiency and efficacy in the transmission of information. There are 13 delivery options.

B Braun Perfusor Space Propofol Infusion Pump for Sale

B Braun Perfusor Space

This B Braun Perfusor Space infusion pump has advanced delivery features that offer safety and accuracy. The lightweight and compact design make it ideal for transport between patient rooms. The interface is user-friendly, with a library of 1,500 medications, audible alarms, and a strong but lightweight pole clamp.

The Refurbishment Process

Each of our products come from our respective medical equipment purchasing team who perform extensive research on acquiring medical devices that are popular and in demand. In addition to the propofol pumps listed, we carry and refurbish many other pieces of equipment. This equipment can be used in clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and even in some physician offices.

When a piece of equipment comes through our doors, it is inspected and tested to see if the unit functions as per OEM standards. Soma Tech has dedicated and certified biomedical engineers specific for each piece of equipment. Our biomedical engineers thoroughly examine, test, and replace necessary parts making sure all aspects are working perfectly. Once the unit functions like new, it’s then calibrated back to the original engineering manufacturer’s specifications. After our fully licensed and trained biomedical engineers have the unit functioning the way it did when it was first made, the product undergoes a special cosmetic restoration process. The equipment is sent to cosmetics to be aesthetically restored by cleaning, repairing minor scratches and dents, painting, and if necessary, decals are replaced. Before our equipment gets labeled patient-ready and packaged up for shipment, it goes through a final quality control test to ensure once again that everything is looking and working like new.

Requesting a Propofol Pump

If you would like to request a propofol pump, we have a dedicated team of sales representatives that can help. They have experience in outfitting surgical centers and operating rooms. Sales representatives can answer all questions about specifications, features, options, and logistics. Soma Tech Intl also offers propofol pump rentals. Soma Tech has rental options for all types of facilities. Our pumps can be rented in long-term, short-term, and even rent-to-own options! Start talking to your sales representative today about our different medical equipment rental options.

Pole Clamps

Pole clamps are used to mount the pump to a pole; for transportation between rooms, instead of being mounted to a wall. We have a variety of pole clamps available for purchase. Please ask your sales representative which models have this option, and which needs to be a separate parts purchase.

Final Thoughts

Have you used any of these propofol pumps before? Is there a brand that you trust more than others, or do you use a variety of medical equipment manufacturers?


  1. I am interested in purchasing a propofol pump for our dental ASC. What do you have available? What are the respective prices? What are the warranties? Thank you!

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