Alaris PC Unit

November 21, 2017
Alaris PC Unit - 8015 - Soma Technology, Inc.

Alaris PC Unit

By: Brian Nalley

The BD/Carefusion Alaris Medley infusion system is the most full-featured infusion system on the market today.  No other system provides the flexibility of a large infusion pump, syringe pump, PCA pump, end-tidal CO2 monitoring and patient barcode scanner all centered around a single control interface.

It all begins with the Alaris PC Unit (8015) or “brain.”  From this one central control hub, users can control and program up to six attached modules (though we only recommend attaching four at a time as the setup can become unstable with more than two modules on each side).  The PC unit can handle any combination of attached modules:  from four large infusion pumps to a varied setup of infusion, syringe, and PCA pumps with EtCO2 monitoring for good measure.

Combining these modules with the Guardrails Suite MX software provides extra protection for every infusion by setting limits on a dose, duration, and delivery rate.  Additionally, because the 8015 units feature wireless connectivity, hospitals with a wireless network can utilize Guardrails to easily push updates for their drug and IV therapy delivery parameters to each control unit from a central location.

Hospitals on a tighter budget may also want to consider the model 8000 PC unit.  While the 8000 is a little older than the Alaris 8015, it will also be cheaper while still controlling the exact same modules as the 8015.  In addition to price, the primary differences between the two PC units are that the 8000 has a monochrome screen as opposed to the 8015’s color screen. The 8000 comes in both non-wireless and wireless-enabled versions, while the Alaris PCU 8015 is only available with wireless capabilities.

Any hospital interested in upgrading their infusion systems should strongly consider the Alaris Medley family of modules.  No other system provides the same central control interface for each pump while providing the flexibility to customize the available pumps for each patient.  Any other option would require multiple pumps on multiple stands; while with the Alaris infusion system because each pump is a separate module, different modules can be added or subtracted as needed for each individual patient.

Soma Technology stocks both the PC units and individual modules, enabling us to fulfill any desired combination of pumps and brains.  Our factory-trained engineers and ISO 31485-certified refurbishing process, ensure that each module is brought back to BD/Carefusion’s original specifications.  Between our warranty and extensive catalog of replacement parts, we support our customers for the expected life of the pump.


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