How Do You Know Which Infusion Pump is Best?

August 28, 2020
How do you know which infusion pump is best?

How Do You Know Which Infusion Pump is Best?

Infusion pumps are invasive pieces of medical equipment that work to save lives by preventing dehydration and also aid in the continual release of medication. Infusion pumps are seen in almost all medical environments, from surgery centers to different parts of the hospital. These pumps can deliver medicine, saline, and liquids intravenously into the body. An IV is usually attached to the pump, and a nurse will work to insert the IV needle into a good vein in the arm, or even the top of the hand. Sometimes, people who are incapacitated will need to have an IV in them because they are not conscious to drink fluids or take medications. And unfortunately, at other times, people with terminal cancers will be on an IV drip for pain management. Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the right infusion pump for your medical association.

IV Pumps

Baxter Sigma Spectrum IV Pump

Baxter Sigma Spectrum

The Sigma Spectrum is one of our most widely requested pumps. This pump is used in a variety of medical spaces from hospitals to surgical centers. This unit features configurable dose error reduction software and single-step titration. Other features include a check flow at the start of the infusion and a secondary container infusion check. The comprehensive log software is easy to set up and program with a bright and easy-to-read display. There is a drug library on this Baxter pump where you can find all drug and dose limits. This IV pump can be fixed to a pole or the wall.

BD Carefusion Alaris PCU 8015 with 8100 Pump Module

Alaris PCU 8015 with 8100 Alaris Pump Module

The Alaris PCU 8015 with Alaris Pump Module is another infusion system that is highly requested. This unit features wireless connectivity, powerful analytics, exceptional versatility, and increased protection for IV safety. This protection involves double-checking dose and duration, delivery rate, and protecting critical infusions such as chemotherapy. Guardrails CQI Reporter allows the user to spot subtle trends and measure the effectiveness of IV formularies and practices. The battery can run for about 6 hours. There is onboard flash memory in this unit.

Hospira Plum A+ Infusion System

Hospira Plum A+

The Hospira Plum A+ has many technological features. This I.V. pump has an easy-to-read display with dosing parameters on a single screen. Mandatory confirmation screens help clinicians to avoid medication errors. Other features include automated piggyback and concurrent delivery options, multistep delivery, loading dose automation, and programmable delayed starts. Therapies include dose calculation, loading dose, and multi-step programming

Syringe Pumps

Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pump

Medfusion 3500

The Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pump comes from Smiths Medical, Medfusion is one of the most trusted brands in the medical equipment market. This unit features programmable dose limits, rapid occlusion detection, and post-occlusion bolus reduction. This machine is easy to use and compatible with MRIs. The internal battery can last for up to 10 hours. This unit features smart programmable safety limits for safe drug usage and intelligent pressure monitoring for the speed at which the medication is administered. This unit can be mounted to a pole, or placed on a nearby cart or table.

Baxter InfusOR Syringe Pump

Baxter InfusOR

The Baxter InfusOR may be the right infusion pump for your medical facility. This unit is designed to aid in many intravenous agents during anesthetic procedures. Some medications that are given intravenously include narcotics, muscle relaxants, and vasoactive. Much like the other infusion pumps, it’s easily set up and easy to use. Front-panel rotary switches allow the user to easily select and change medications.

The Refurbishment Process

All of Soma Tech Intl’s equipment gets refurbished through a strenuous, meticulous process in their ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facility. First, these products come into the facility and are tested and calibrated by highly trained and certified biomedical engineers. These units are tested and may have parts replaced from the large inventory of spare parts. Once these units are back to their original equipment manufacturer’s specifications they are sent to cosmetics. The cosmetics team will clean and fix any cracks or blemishes. The unit is sent for painting and sanded and finished with original paint colors. Stickers and decals are placed on the machines and they are sent back to the engineers for a final quality check. Once these units complete testing they are shipped to your facility for use or for medical equipment rentals. Soma has an in-house shipping department that safely packages the equipment for transport from their facility to your medical building.

Renting an Infusion Pump

There are so many reasons to rent an infusion pump. Some facilities choose to rent medical equipment to avoid acquisition and maintenance costs on equipment. Soma has many infusion pumps ready to be shipped, and can easily provide availability for an immediate need. There is no downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance. Renting is the easiest way to upgrade to newer technology without the commitment of purchasing the unit. Other reasons include the freedom from technical obsolescence, and to ensure the most efficient management of resources, and the ability to access equipment without capital outlay. We have rent-to-own options available as well in case your medical facility does not currently have the budget to purchase the unit, but will when the budget is renewed.

Requesting an Infusion Pump

If you have seen any infusion pump that you are interested in purchasing, please reach out. In addition to infusion pumps, we offer a wide variety of medical equipment. We have everything to outfit a surgical suite and many more units that can be found in a hospital or medical office. We have many pieces of imaging technology, ventilators, defibrillators, patient monitors, patient beds, and many more pieces of equipment to be used in many capacities.

Spare Infusion Pump Parts

Because Soma Tech maintains, manufactures, and services so many pieces of medical equipment Soma has a streamlined medical equipment parts department. Soma carries spare infusion pump parts for all of the infusion pumps that they sell. Soma Tech Intl also fully stocks replacement medical equipment parts. Soma has an extensive inventory, and if you cannot find what you are looking for on their parts website, you can call their facility at 1-800-438-7662. You can use this website to place parts orders or find different parts that you may preemptively need.

Final Thoughts

Have you used any of the aforementioned infusion pumps before? Would you say that you trust the brands that are listed? Is there a medical equipment supplier that you tend to be loyal to? Are there any features on a standard infusion pump that you would change, or some that you think work very well? How often does your unit tend to use infusion pumps? Comment below!


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    Patient has AV graft and patient will be receiving 100 ML infusion ( 0.9 % NS – 100 ml+ 0.5 – 1.33 ml diluted investigational product with sterile water)

    Patient suppose to receive above medicine three times a week for one week and then after that once a week for 18 months.

    Can you please advise the best affordable infusion pump


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