Flashback Friday: Yesterday’s Valentines Day Trivia!

February 15, 2019
Valentines Trivia

Flashback Friday: Yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Trivia!

Most companies likely celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special note of appreciation or a piece of candy. Not Soma. We take full advantage of days of celebration to spend together strengthening our company culture! We have found that as a company, our employees get very competitive and love playing trivia. Continue reading more to see if you would have aced our trivia game!

Trivia at Soma

Trivia is a very special game for Soma employees, as we all get incredibly competitive. Below are the photos of the event, and trivia questions with answers. How well do you think you would have done? Comment below!

Popular Culture – 1 point

  1. Who is the current British Prime Minister? Theresa May
  2. What is the name of the lead singer depicted in the movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Freddie Mercury
  3. According to the Chinese Lunar New Year, what animal is this year’s zodiac? A pig
  4. Cardi B references red bottoms in her songs. Who makes red-bottom shoes? Christian Louboutin
  5. Who is married to John Legend? Chrissy Teigen

Science – 1 point

  1. Alexander Fleming is credited with discovering what antibiotic? Penicillin
  2. What is the name of the pigment the body makes for skin, hair, and eye color? Melanin
  3. What is the chemical symbol for gold on the periodic table? Au
  4. What is the scientific names of animals like wallabies and kangaroos that have a pouch? Marsupials
  5. What type of plant did Gregor Mendel conduct his genetic experiments on? Pea Plant

History – 2 points

  1. Who is often associated with the political concept of realpolitik? Otto Von Bismark
  2. Seward’s Folly resulted in purchasing which state? Alaska
  3. What was the last battle Napoleon fought in? Waterloo
  4. What unique animal did Hannibal bring through the Alps? Elephants
  5. What flower caused severe hysteria in Holland? Tulips

Geography – 2 points

  1. In which US city did the Valentine’s Day Massacre take place? Chicago
  2. What country hosts the world-renowned cherry blossom festival? Japan
  3. Which African nation is home to Mount Kilimanjaro? Tanzania
  4. What is the capital of Honduras? Tegucigalpa
  5. St. Andrew’s Golf was founded in which country? Scotland

The Arts – 3 points

  1. Which Broadway musical has won the most Tony Awards? The Producers
  2. The D’Orsay Museum in Paris has paintings from what art movement by Monet, Degas & Cassatt? Impressionism
  3. Who wrote the classic, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Sun Also Rises”? Hemingway
  4. What artist is responsible for the Love sculptures found all over the US? Robert Indiana
  5. Who is the famed Italian instrument maker of violins and other stringed instruments? Stradivari

Bonus Questions – 5 points each

  1. What is the maximum sentence for being convicted of obstruction of justice? 20 years
  2. Who painted the portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer? Gustav Klimt
  3. Grenadine is made from what fruit? Pomegranates

Teams are hard at work thinking of the answers!


The winners!

How cute were the pink and red decorations?

Final Thoughts

Did you know the answers to some of the trivia questions? Are you a huge fan of trivia like we are? How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday? Was it filled with love? Comment below!

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