Axia Flex 3500P

May 17, 2017
Axia Flex 3500P - Surgical Table - Soma Technology, Inc.

Axia Flex 3500P Features

The Axia Flex 3500P surgical table comes with a sleek design that integrates durability and functionality. It adopts innovative technology for the modern OR that provides a high degree of flexibility and efficiency while ensuring the safety of patients and medical staff. The Axia Flex 3500P surgical table is built to be the most reliable and trusted partner under any operating environments.

  • Modern and easy to clean stainless steel base
  • Generous imaging area
  • Reverse orientation mode
  • Suggested Featured Accessories
  • Advanced Intuitive Table
  • Multiple surgical applications

Axia Flex 3500P Specifications


  • Table Length: 1956 mm
  • Table Width: 530 mm
  • Table Height: 700-1140 mm
  • Trendelenburg/Rev.: 30°/30°
  • Lateral Tilt (L/R): 20°/20°
  • Head (Up/Down): 90°/90°
  • Back(Up/Down): 68°/40°
  • Leg (Up/Down): 80°/100°
  • Kidney Elevator: 0-120 mm
  • Flex/ReFlex: Max. 245°/120°
  • Weight Capacity: 454kg/1000lbs

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